Horse EQUUS Collections Spring Cleaning

Now the weather's getting better, it’s time for the annual stable clean. Every stable needs a deep clean at least once a year. We all dread it but here are some great products that will make the job a little bit easier and give your horse a lovely clean and safe home to live in. Need some tips on cleaning your stable? Read Kim's 11 Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Stable here.
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Virkon S

From $6

Tri-Tec 14 Fly Repellent

One time purchase from $97

Jeyes Fluid

From $25

Equimins Stable Fresh Powder Disinfectant

One time purchase from $28

Lincoln Carbolic Powder

One time purchase $74

Aqueos Stable & Multi-Use Disinfectant

One time purchase from $17

Lincoln Stable Deodoriser Powder

One time purchase $25

Barrier V1 Disinfectant

One time purchase from $52

Battles Clean & Guard

One time purchase $14


From $20

Sorgene Xtra

From $125

Gold Label Disinfectant Powder

One time purchase from $21

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