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Stablezone Quip Clean

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Daily use detergent for tack, stable and yard

Stablezone have formulated this detergent and disinfectant for daily use, for routine cleaning of all stable equipment including feed buckets, mangers, drinkers, bits, etc. Use to clean yards, tack and feed rooms too. Can be used as a pre-cleaner before Defence 7. Can be used on tack - simply wipe tack with a dilution prior to normal cleaning. Effective bactericide and virucide, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting. Very economical, use at a 1:200 dilution. Apply with a sprayer, mop/brush and bucket, or pressure washer.

Suggested uses

On the yard, in the lorry or trailer, on tack.

Size Guide

Available in a 1 litre bottle.