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Agma Stablemate Equaroma

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The Agma Stablemate Equaroma will help banish unpleasant smells and transform your stables with a calming lavender and eucalyptus scent. The relaxing herbaceous fragrance will help both you and your horse to relax and unwind. Spray directly onto cleaned flooring daily after mucking out. Suitable for use in stables, horseboxes, trailers and temporary stalls.

Usage Instructions

Remove the horse from stable, remove all soiled bedding and conduct a deep clean of the environment.

Grip the trigger spray with the nozzle facing away from you and slightly turn the nozzle end clockwise to open.

Simply adjust the variable spray from jet through to mist as necessary to further treat soiling hot spots after a good deep clean and before adding fresh bedding. Ideal for use on solid floors, under and over stall mats to combat lingering foul odours by imparting a unique and pleasant Lavender and Eucalyptus fragrance

Lightly spray around the space to produce a fine mist.

For a more focused jet, turn the nozzle further clockwise.

To close the spray, simply turn the nozzle anticlockwise until tight.

Health and Safety 

If substance has got into the eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water for several minutes.

If substance touches skin, this causes mild skin irritation, rinse with water. Product contains Essential Oils, may produce an allergic reaction.

If ingested, get medical advice/attention if you feel unwell.

If inhaled and if breathing is difficult, seek fresh air and rest in a position comfortable for breathing.

Suggested uses

On the yard, stables, horseboxes, trailers and temporary stalls.

Size Guide

Available in 1lt spray bottle.