See Change Horse Shampoo

See Change Horse Shampoo


See Change Now Ltd was founded in 2019 when personal frustration with endless plastic packaging and a recurring skin condition on a daughter's horse led owner and founder of See Change Now to explore finding a solution to the problem. Being unable to find out what was in the majority of topical products she was using led to the search for something different. A year of research and development led to the products we see today and a brand ethos that encourages change delivered on functionality, complete transparency, and products that are 100% bio-degradable. Manufactured in the UK, and super safe for animals and humans, the innovative brand is meeting the needs of the ever-growing number of environmentally aware horse and dog owners. More and more of us are interested not only in the provenance of the brand choices we make but of the impact they have on the issues that surround climate change. With the increasing awareness from consumers, the need for business and individuals to change will only increase as legislation and taxes assist the government to reach their carbon neutral pledges. 

See Change Now Horse Shampoo

See Change Now knew the answer was to be found in a solid concentrated bar. Traditional soap bars were enjoying a renaissance - even at home, horse owners had switched all their hand dispensers to a good old fashioned bar of soap. At the same time, they were keen to trial the increasing number of artisan soaps being marketed for use as a shampoo. These were sadly disappointing and, whilst some are marginally passable at a push, regular use highlighted the limitations of such products. Knowing that horse owners and pet owners are not ones to compromise on results they knew that, to ask people to change, they had to offer as good a result, if not better, and the answer was to be found in a soap-free product.
See Change Now Horse Shampoo Bar Hanging Next To Saddle

Innovative and the first of its kind, The Original Shampoo Bar for Horses and The Original Shampoo Bar for Dogs come in a soft sisal bag which does away with the need for a synthetic sponge, provides ease of use, and serves as an easy storage answer for next time. Making the change has proved easy and without exception - See Change Now have yet to find a single customer that has not been thrilled with the results! They have customers from amateur horse owners to those running high pressured commercial yards. Professional riders are also using the product and choosing it above gifted brands. A number of equine vets also use the product, have provided testimonials and recommend the products. Not only does the product lift the dirt and grease, it leaves the coat soft and shiny. It is free from PEGs, Parabens, and SLSs which are often found in both horse and human personal care products, and often cause disruption to the dermal layer. See Change is suitable for sensitive skin, and can even be used where conditions have resulted in the integrity of the skin to be damaged, offering visual improvements and making it particularly useful when managing seasonal conditions like mud fever and rain scald. 

See Change Horse Shampoo Bar Being Used On Horse's Legs

And the savings, both to the pocket and to the planet, are what also encourages repeat purchase. One 230gm bar is equivalent to 3 x 500ml bottles of liquid shampoo. So, for owners looking to make significant eco-friendly changes, they can do so and still save on cost. Doing away with plastic bottles and single use plastic is something more and more of us are keen to do. There are so many areas of life where the benefits of plastic make it essential for use it just feels right to provide consumers with an alternative choice, one that works and has additional benefits. See Change Now is fitting that bill.

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