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We always want what is best for our horses and we are lucky enough to live in a time when we know exactly what is good and bad for our skin and bodies. Let us share that with the animals we love with Pommel.

In a world where we are hyper aware of our environment and how to set about preserving it, we humans are seeking out vegan, natural and sustainable liquids for personal hygiene. Pommel have been keen to apply these rules in the horse world too. None of their products are made using harsh chemicals they and are committed to using the best quality ingredients, after all we do get covered in the stuff whilst grooming!

Rumour has it that SLS products can irritate the skin, SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and it is used to create lather in a lot of products, but there are alternatives. Pommel was set up to bring all natural, SLS (sulphate) and paraben free products to a market that is increasingly aware of horse health and wellbeing. 

It has long been the case that equine skincare often does not display ingredients, and where ingredients are listed the 'key' components are not included in quantity. This can make finding the right shampoo for your horse difficult, especially if they have allergies or medical conditions such as Cushings or Mud Fever.

Upon studying the market, Pommel wanted to offer an all-natural product that was lively, bright, and made in the UK. They never compromise on quality and the products do exactly what it says on the label. By using the finest quality, natural products on your horse, you are putting only natural elements back into the eco system. The world around us is fragile and the choice is ours with what we do to preserve it. We hope everyone loves them as much as we do!

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Important to note ‘Leg up’ isn’t vegan as it contains beeswax.

Pommel Products

Pommel Velvet Mane and Tail Conditioner

The Pommel Velvet Mane and Tail Leave in Conditioner is great for removing deep stains whilst detangling. It will leave your horse smelling amazing. Made with Aloe Vera, sweet orange and spearmint, this natural product is a must have in your grooming kit. 

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Pommel Clear Round Shampoo

The Pommel Clear Round Shampoo is a calming after-exercise wash for horses. Specially formulated with bergamot and basil, this shampoo has an amazing, clean scent.

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Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm

The Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm works to alleviate dry and cracked hooves, made with hemp, shea and tea tree. Being so natural it can be hand-applied and massaged-in to all areas of the hoof, sole and frog. Enjoy moisturised, healthy looking feet (that also smell amazing).

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Pommel Easy Does it Horse Shampoo

The Pommel Easy Does It Shampoo is for reactive, allergic skin types. It is made with olive oil, which is known for its moisturising properties. This shampoo contains a soothing blend of chamomile and aloe vera. 

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