All about high waisted breeches and riding tights

 All About High Waisted Breeches and High Waist Riding Tights

What are “high waisted” breeches or tights?

High-waist or high-rise breeches and riding tights are designed to sit high on, or above, the wearer’s hips. The true definition of a high waisted garment is usually at least eight centimetres (or three inches) higher than the navel. Today’s high waisted breeches are not usually as high as this. Riding breeches are often deemed to be high waisted if they cover the navel at the front.

The “high” refers to the space between the crotch and the waist. A comparison between a few pairs of breeches will highlight the difference between brands and styles.

Why do horse riders wear high waisted legwear?

Riders like wearing breeches with a high waist for the very simple reason that they provide support for the rider, often improving their posture. Some have likened wearing them to wearing a back support.

However, they’re not that comfortable for all forms of riding, such as jumping, as they tend to cut into your tummy when you fold to go over the jump.

Many riders do yoga and Pilates to strengthen their core and find that high waist riding tights are great for this too, as well as for schooling.

What style should I look for?

A high waist at the back will help to protect your kidneys from the cold. A slightly lower waist at the front avoids cutting off your breathing or digging into your stomach!

What visual impression do high waisted riding breeches and riding tights give?

As there's more fabric in the rise of high waist riding breeches, they create the impression that your lower body, and especially your legs, are longer.

And finally…

Here's a few quotes from riders who have tried them…

”I wore high-waist breeches and I'm never looking back.”

“Give me a high waist or give me nothing.”

“Pulling on my high-waisted breeches, I feel secure, confident, and ready to take on the world.”

Quite compelling, isn’t it?

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