New Weatherbeeta Green-Tec Rug Range

Weatherbeeta Green-Tec Rug Range

Plastics are incredibly useful materials, but they don’t belong in our soil, lakes, rivers or oceans. Plastic waste is one of the most pressing problems our planet faces. We need to find uses for this waste to prevent it from being dumped in the environment.

That’s why Weatherbeeta have created the new WeatherBeeta Green-Tec 900D Collection using recycled plastics for the outer fabric and lining. Each rug saves over 340 plastic bottles from going into landfill or the ocean. This is based on 500ml bottles for a 6’3 per rug, number of bottles will vary depending on the size of the rug.

But that’s not the only reason why this rug is a better choice for the environment.

The way it’s made uses far less energy, i.e. 50% less, to produce the fabric than a traditional rug. Plus, it is packaged in recyclable packaging that is also made from post-consumer recyclable plastic or PCR as it is known further reducing the environmental impact of our Green-Tec range.

Their hope is that one day all rugs will be made this way. They have done all this while retaining 100% of the WeatherBeeta quality they are world famous for. While their rugs come with a 3-year warranty, they often last far longer than that. They like to think of a WeatherBeeta rug as a long-term investment in a happy horse and a happy owner. They think cheaper alternatives simply are not up to WeatherBeeta standards and typically don’t last as long. So you can buy a WeatherBeeta rug with confidence, knowing it should last for many years to come.

For Winter 2020, the Green-Tec rug range is available as a Heavy (360g), Medium (220g) and Lite Plus (50g). Featuring a waterproof and breathable 900 denier PCR outer from recycled bottles, a strong 150 denier diamond weave lining PCR fabric, a detach-a-neck style for versatility and a traditional side gusset for natural movement; quick clip front closure also offers maximum adjustability, twin low cross surcingles, large tail flap for extra protection and removable, adjustable leg straps; this rug offers all of the great features expected in a WeatherBeeta rug.


We also wanted to create something for our smaller four-legged friends. The Green-Tec Dog Coat is made in the same great environmentally friendly way as our horse rug! Made from approximately 19 plastic bottles, based on 500ml bottles for a 55cm dog coat, the Green-Tec Dog Coat is available in Medium (220g) and Lite Plus (50g), features a wraparound freedom front with touch tape closure and arched legs for freedom of movement; adjustable touch tape belly closure; darts at the back of the coat help to provide a contoured fit; reflective piping for added safety and a harness hole for easy access when walking.



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Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.


  • Denise Bolam posted on October 29 2020 at 04:10 PM

    I bought a lightweight Green Tec for my retired 30 to gelding…it’s a fabulous rug! No slipping or rubbing and completely waterproof! Great product, great for the environment!

  • Sarah Mortimer posted on February 02 2021 at 04:02 PM

    It’s a fabulous idea! A friend has one and say the water just pours off it, but I’m interested to see how the fabric stands up to teeth, I have a youngster who just simply refuses to move when other horses tell her. I buy 1200D or higher, so I was a little disappointed at 900 being the only option – I hope this will increase with more being created.

  • Chloe Fisher posted on February 02 2021 at 04:02 PM

    Great Idea, and I would to invest in one when funds allow. Question – in terms of sizing how you would say they fit? My Gelding is approx 16.2/3 and can fit in rugs 6’3 – 6’6 he even has a 6ft fleece! He’s warmblood shape and I struggle with rubbing on his shoulders


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