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See Change Horse Shampoo Bar

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The See Change Now Horse Shampoo Bar is an innovation in horse bathing! The original and best, this solid shampoo bar cleans even the toughest stains, leaving your horse's coat smooth and silky. The super mild and gentle formulation does not disrupt the skin's natural defensive barrier, and can be used on sensitive and even damaged skin, making it a great shampoo for helping to manage seasonal skin conditions. Based on natural ingredients with an emphasis on the removal of unnecessary chemicals, this soap bar contains Argan oil, and is fragranced with 100% pure Lemon Grass and Tea Tree essential oils. It's vegan friendly, biodegradable, and free from SLSs, parabens and PEGs. The environmentally friendly sisal bag is ideal for storage and can be used directly on your horse's skin to create a lather, reducing waste and water usage. 



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Available in one size - 230gram bar.