Competition Accessories for the Rider

Competition accessories for the rider

If you need some tips on competition accessories, look no further. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the competition ring, or a complete newcomer, this article takes you through everything you need, from riding stocks to a plastic mac to keep you dry if it rains!

Riding Stock

If you’re competing regularly or as you progress up through the levels, you really need to wear a proper stock. Nowadays, a great range of stocks is available in both 'self tying' designs - which, surprise, surprise, are the ones you tie yourself or 'ready tied' designs - which are the ones that come already tied so you literally don't have to do a thing except put them on! 

If you’ve got a black or navy jacket, then you need to wear a white or cream stock. Available in plain or patterned fabrics, known as 'jacquards', both Showquest and Equetech offer great ranges with lots of different styles. So think about what sort of look  you're after.

If you're looking for a stock that makes a real statement, go for Showquest. They have a range of ready-tied stocks that are bold with a conservative twist, like the ShowQuest Regency III Oval Crystal Buckle Pre-tied Stock.

ShowQuest Regency III Oval Crystal Buckle Pre-tied Stock  

Equetech offer a wide range, from the plain Equetech Plain Ready Tied Riding Stock on the left below to the bling on the right below of the Equetech Diamante Double Band Deluxe Ready Tied Riding Stock

 Equetech Plain Ready Tied Riding Stock   Equetech Diamante Double Band Deluxe Ready Tied Riding Stock

If, however, you’ve got a tweed or check jacket, you must wear a coloured stock. Equetech’s Pin Spot Stock is an understated design that goes with practically anything and also comes with a matching scrunchie.   





                                     Equetech Pin Spot Stock 

       Equetech Scrunchie

If you're new to competing and don’t want all the hassle of having to tie a stock, why don’t you try HKM’s bib. This is a ready-made stock along with the upper part of a show shirt. This can simply be worn inside your competition jacket. HKM Competition Riding BibAnd if you really don't want to wear a stock for whatever reason, try one of these ShowQuest Swarovski Competition Collars. Tailored to fit the contours of your neck, this competition collar is available with white, navy or black coloured piping to give you a stylish edge in the show ring.

ShowQuest Swarovski Competition Collar

Stock Pin

Riding stocks always look best with a stock pin. So complete the 'Competition Look' with one of our Pin’s that come in many different designs. Some riders prefer a feminine pin like the ShowQuest Gold Horseshoe Stock Pin whilst something slightly more on-trend does on the right below does it for others!

                        ShowQuest Gold Horseshoe Stock Pin   Equetech Crystal and Pearls Stock Pin                               


Even if your breeches or jodhpurs don’t have belt loops, still wear a riding belt to create a winning look. If you’ve got a bit of bling on your spurs, why not have a bit of bling on your belt too with HKM's Melinda Belt

HKM Melinda Belt   HKM Melinda Belt


In unaffiliated competitions, any type of spur could be worn. However in affiliated competitions, they must be made of metal. Those with a rotating rubber, metal or plastic ball are all permitted. HKM’s Ladies 30mm Stainless Steel Spurs are a simple pair that are ideal for dressage.

HKM Ladies 30mm Stainless Steel Spurs

If you’re a more advanced rider, you might prefer Korsteel Long Neck Dressage Spurs that are on the left below or the Korsteel Women's Smooth Rowell Dressage Spurs on the right which don't mark the horses flanks.

Korsteel Long Neck Dressage Spurs with Straps   Korsteel Smooth Rowell Dressage Spurs

These spurs have a plain black leather strap but check out these dainty HKM Patent Leather Spur Straps that have a pretty buckle embedded with tiny crystals.

HKM Patent Leather Spur Straps with Crystal Closure


Wearing gloves for competing is always recommended. For affiliated competitions, gloves must always be worn.  Once again there's a great choice from plain to something with a bit of bling! Go for Roeckl who are undoubtedly the best and very much our favourite here at EQUUS!

                          Roeckl Lara Gloves  Roeckl Chester Bling Gloves    Roeckl Chester Winter Gloves                  

A Hair Net

Well, every girl hates them! If you’re going to go to all the trouble with your competition outfit, don’t mess it all up with your hair!   They're not the most flattering of articles but they do actually do a discrete job. Equetech are the only brand I know that still offer a heavy weight hairnet but they also have something finer if this is what you prefer.

Hairnets have improved dramatically like the ShowQuest Pearl & Crystal Star Bun Net which is very pretty.

ShowQuest Pearl & Crystal Star Bun Net Blonde   ShowQuest Pearl & Crystal Star Bun Net Black


I didn’t know that ‘show socks’ even existed until I started EQUUS. What a great idea.

Jazz up your competition outfit with a pair of these HKM Nylon Print Riding Socks. They're thin enough to be worn as competition socks and are extremely colourful! Alternatively the Pikeur Competition Socks is a timeless classic and popular with both male and female riders.

HKM Nylon Print Riding Socks   Pikeur Competition Socks

Riding Hat

Add a tiny touch of bling to your riding hat with the ShowQuest Elastic Crystal Hat Band. If your hat's velvet, this works particularly well.

ShowQuest Elastic Crystal Hat Band

And finally

The great British weather is often quite unpredictable. So take a smart and/or sensible jacket to keep warm or dry. The Mountain Horse Crew II Jacket, it’s smart and warm. If you just want to keep dry, then try a long or short plastic HKM Rain Mac, both of wish are reasonably priced.

                                                  HKM Short Rain Mac          HKM Long Rain Mac     ountain Horse Unisex Crew Jacket II


Competition accessories make a great birthday or Christmas list so add it to your list or treat yourself if you need something sooner!

Competition accessories for the rider



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    The BD rule regarding gloves says this;

    122. Gloves
    Gloves are to be worn.

    So white is not compulsory.

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