Brand Spotlight: Equetech

EQUUS Brand Spotlight on Equetech

We continue our series of features where we put a brand under the EQUUS spotlight! This week as the competition season is in full swing, we feature Equetech which is well known, amongst other things, for its superb range of high quality competition wear. Kim, from EQUUS, poses a few questions to Liz Hayman, Equetech’s Managing Director and Designer…

Equetech MD Liz HaymanTell us a bit about you and why you set up Equetech

We originally set up in 1992 to provide quality specialist equestrian underwear with padding in all the right places. Since then we have grown to provide high quality, affordable riding apparel across all disciplines and levels.

What customers are you aiming at and why should they chose Equetech products over others?

We aim to provide customers with a garment that will perform, but not break the bank. We try and offer added value in our garments, such as Teflon coated tweed hacking jackets, giving them a showerproof finish, or our Medley Competition jacket that has zip off collars. This way our customers feel they get more for their money with added functionality. These riders tend to be competition riders aged 20-50, predominately women that own 1 or more horses, from novice up to your semi-professional rider, needing quality durable, yet on trend garments.

How do you decide what new products to add to the range?

We listen to our customers and then look at fashion trends to come up with the latest design ideas that are functional and durable.

Equetech Ladies Stretch Cord Pull-On Jodhpurs

What’s your favourite Equetech product and why? 

I love the Equetech Stretch Cord JodhpursThey don't have much hanger appeal, but they feel amazing on and are so comfortable around the yard. They fit everyone and are so easy to wash. 

What’s Equetech’s hidden gem of a product that you feel customers overlook?

The Vanity Hat Case offers real value for money and style. It has so much functionality and yet you can also use it as a stylish overnight bag!

What ‘claims to fame’ does Equetech have and for what products?

We have won many awards from Magazine tried and tested, such as our High Waist Denim Breeches won the H&R Magazine 'Best in Test', against over 30 other styles from competitors. We also made jackets for every discipline of the Australian Olympic Equestrian team in 2012. 

What well known riders use Equetech products? 

Amy Stovold (Dressage), Spencer Sturmey (Eventing), Jodie Amos (Eventing), Charlie Hutton (Dressage) to name a few.

What is it that you particularly like about EQUUS?

I think the website is very fresh and modern, offering customers an exciting shopping experience that includes free delivery. Customers can shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they’ll get great service before and after their order.

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Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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