Three of our favourite riding hats

Three of our favourite riding hats

Horror stories abound of riders falling off horses.  If you’ve fallen off your horse, there's one thing you must do as soon as possible afterwards: replace your riding hat. One rider admitted on a forum I read, that she didn’t replace her hat after she’d fallen off and she just continued to use it.  Then one day, when she was looking underneath the lining, she discovered that it was broken inside and she dreaded to think how long it’d been like it. See here:

A damaged horse riding hat

Safety is the one thing that you really shouldn’t compromise on.  Don’t be tempted by a range that I saw in the supermarket in town that were ‘one size’!  Modern technology has enabled manufacturers to reproduce hats which are very strong, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.  Champion have a great range of modern styles to suit all.  Safety is their number one priority and, for many, feeling safe, means feeling more confident and results in better riding. In this week’s blog, Kim looks at three different styles of Champion hats and picks out the best bits of each.


 Champion Evolution Riding Hat


It's Airflow System.  This hat has vents that help to keep the head cool even when the heat is on!

It's adjustable sizing.  Fitted with an adjustable head sizing ring to accommodate a comprehensive range of head sizes and shapes.

It’s stylish.  The hat is covered in a soft and durable synthetic nu-buck for a look of pure class and what’s more the ‘evolution’ technology means that the nu-buck won’t fade.


Champion Air Tech Riding Hat


It's unique ventilation system.  Two large perforated steel grids on the front and one on the back, allow a flow of air through the hat to your head.

It's removable lining.  The inner liner is made from high tech material that wicks away moisture that builds up inside the hat.  Plus it’s removable and washable which, in my view, is the best feature of any riding hat!


Champion Ventair Deluxe Skull


It’s lightweight.  Enough said! 

It’s quick release harness.  The chin strap is made from soft padded leather and features a drawstring at the back so that you can fit it snugly to suit your head. 

It’s possible to co-ordinate with any colour of skull cap!

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Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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