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our blog contains lots of useful information about all aspects of equestrian life 

Welcome to our equestrian blog.  Here you'll find lots of useful information about all aspects of equestrian life, including tips on how to take care of your horse, informative articles on equestrian news and more thoughtful articles about some of the issues we all face as horse riders. We very much hope these articles will help you get the most out of your passion and help you fulfil your potential as a rider.

We'd love to hear your views, too, so if there's a topic you'd like to see us cover, then feel free to drop us a line by clicking here with your suggestion. If you're idea is published, you'll win a mystery prize!

Hot weather horse riding clothes

 hot weather horse riding clothes

Whether you are schooling, hacking or simply keeping a horse during the summer, it's just as important as it is in the winter that you have the right clothing. Read our article on hot weather horse riding clothes here.


Brittle hooves in horses

 brittle hooves in horses

When the ground gets hard and dry in summer, horse owners start to scrutinize their horse’s feet. They assume that brittle, cracked and chipped hooves are the result of prolonged, hot, dry weather but environment is just one aspect that plays a part in your horse’s feet. Our article on the causes of brittle hooves in horses explains all.


13 Tips On How To Bathe A Horse

 How To Bathe A Horse

As soon as the weather starts to get warmer, horse owners bath their horses to get rid of all the scurf and grease that has built up over the winter. However it shouldn’t be just a one off event as our horses and ponies need to be bathed, hosed off or at the very least sponged off if they’ve broken in to a sweat when exercised. Learn how to bathe your horse by clicking here.


Prince Philip's Equestrian Life

 Prince Philip's Equestrian Life

Did you know that Prince Philip is equally as keen on equestrianism as the Queen and his famous granddaughter, Zara Phillips? We thought it important therefore to mark the Duke of Edinburgh's birthday with some interesting facts about his life with horses. Read our article here.


Tips For After A Horse Fall

 5 tips for after a horse fall

Falling off a horse can be frightening and it can also damage your confidence as a rider. If you're unfortunate enough to have a fall, there are some simple things you can do to deal with the incident when it happens. Read our six tips on what to do after a horse fall here.


Ins and Outs of Para Equestrian Dressage

 Learn about Para Equestrian Dressage

The Para Equestrian Dressage Championships were hosted recently. You can find out more about the sport of Para Dressage, and how to take part, here.


11 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Stable

 11 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Stable

Now the weather is getting better (apart from a few apocalyptic storms, of course!) it’s time for the annual stable clean. Read Kim's Top 11 (yes, 11) tips on how to spring clean your stable here!.


Night Turn Out: Things to Consider

 Night Turn Out: Things to Consider

Now that the slightly warmer and drier days are of Spring are here, many owners whether they should continue to turn their horses out during the day or night. This helpful article describes some of the things you ought to consider before turning your horse out at night.


Effects of Spring Grass on Horses

Effects of Spring Grass and Fructans on Horses 

After such a wet winter, it's tempting to turn your horse out on the Spring grass.
This may not be a good idea, find out why and how 'fructans' in Spring grass can affect your horse here.


10 Tips for Hacking Out Alone

10 Tips for hacking your horse out alone 

It's that time of year when the mornings and evenings are getting lighter which is great for hacking out your horse. This infographic gives you 10 tops tips on how to hack your horse out alone safely..


Benefits of softshell

Benefits of softshell horse riding jackets 

Softshell is becoming increasingly popular with riders.
Read this article to find out why! Click here to read.


Horse turnout during winter

Horse turnout tips and advice 

What are the pros and cons for turnout during winter?  This
article puts both sides of the argument, from the viewpoint of
the yard owner and horse owner.  Click here to read some of the things to think about before turning your horse out in the winter.


Seasonal chores

Horse autumn winter jobs checklist 

Are you looking for a useful checklist of jobs to do with your horse this Autumn Winter?. This article will definitely help you!


Dressage Tips

horse riding dressage tips to improve your scores 

Looking to ride accurately, from letter to letter? This article will definitely help you to improve your dressage scores!!

5 tips for better hay storage

5 tips for better hay storage for your horse 

Soon, if not already, you'll be buying your hay.  Read this article for out Top Five tips on better hay storage!!

Hanging up horseshoes

things to consider when retiring your horse 

Are you thinking about hanging up horseshoes? If so, Kim's sensitive article may help you decide whether it's the right time to retire your horse..

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Perfect partners!

why equestrians make perfect partners

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