Why Equestrians Make Good Partners

why equestrians make good partners

If you’re looking for love, then Heather Brown, from leading countryside and equestrian dating website Muddy Matches, believes that fellow equestrians make great partners.

Here’s why equestrians are a dream date for equestrians and non-equestrians alike:

Equestrians are hardy

If you’re looking for a partner who loves the great outdoors and doesn’t mind going out whatever the weather, then a fellow equestrian is a great place to start. After all, you won’t find an equestrian moaning about going outside when it’s drizzling a bit!

They’ll understand when you want to spend time at the yard

Owning a horse or sharing the ownership of a horse is a lifestyle rather than a hobby, so you will want to find a partner who understands that you often need to get up before the sun rises and home after it has set. If you’re lucky, your equestrian lover will even join you and help you with the mucking out.

They’ll understand that gifts are for your four-legged friend

As a horse lover, you’re more likely to be buying a good quality saddle or a horse blanket to keep your four-legged friend comfortable, rather than splashing out on treats for yourself. If your partner is an equestrian themselves they’ll understand that your horse comes first, and that presents might not come as high on your list of priorities. Even better, they’ll understand that a carefully chosen horse riding gift is better than a tacky teddy bear or box of chocolates.

A shared interest is the key to a lasting relationship

You may have heard that opposites attract, but the key to a long lasting relationship, is finding someone with whom you share a common interest. If you spend your weekends travelling up and down the country going to point-to-points you’ll need either a really understanding partner, or one who shares your passion.


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