What's the best turn out rug for late summertime?

What's the best turnout rug for late summertime?

In late summertime the weather tends to be a bit changeable. One day it can be a barmy 20 degrees and the next it can drop dramatically to 12 degrees. Without question of a doubt, the best turn out rug for changeable days like this is the Zero-Fill Turnout Rug.

What is a Zero Fill Turnout Rug?

The zero-fill or no-fill or 0g is simply as its name suggests - it's a rug with absolutely no filling. It does, however, have a lining. Ideal for changeable British weather in late summertime or in the warm days of early spring. Just like their light, medium and heavy weight counterparts, zero-fills can be bought in various sizes, deniers and colours.

What is a Zero-Fill Turnout Rug made of?

The outer layer of most zero-fill rugs is made of a waterproof polyester material that adds a light layer of warmth and keeps the horse dry. Often it’s also breathable which means the fabric absorbs the moisture and keeps the horse from sweating under the rug, simultaneously reducing the risk of them catching a chill overnight. The inner lining is usually nylon.

Features to consider

Before buying decide whether a standard or a combo neck where the rug extends up the neck of the horse. If you want maximum flexibility and use from your rug, look for a standard neck that has a detachable neck cover. The Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Rug comes with a range of great features and a detachable neck cover.

Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Rug   Mark Todd Lightweight Turnout Neck Cover

The denier refers to the strength of the outer material of the rug. In the past, thinner synthetic materials have been used and prone to rips and tears on barbed wire, tree branches, and fences. However, new higher denier fabrics have been developed for their durability. A zero-fill rug may have a denier of anything from 600- 1200. Bear in mind the higher the denier, the stronger the fabric and the stronger the fabric, the greater the cost.

When it comes to shoulder fit, some rugs have shoulder gussets whilst others do not. Well positioned gussets will help prevent shoulder rub issues, ensure a better fit and increased comfort for your horse.

Busse Turn 00 Turnout Rug

 A great feature on some rugs, is a memory foam wither relief pad. This contours the shape of the horse and lifts the rug off the wither to reduce rubbing and provide added comfort. The wither pad on this Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite Standard Neck Turnout Rug is just about visible in the photo below.

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite Standard Neck Turnout Rug

Rugs are expensive purchases. So, if budget is one of your considerations, brands like JHL,or otherwise known as Jumpers Horse Line, offer good quality rigs that are real value for money. 

JHL Essential Lightweight Turnout Rug

Zero-fill rugs, just like their other weight counterparts, come in a huge variety of colours and patterns. So, if you’re keen on giving your horse some extra flair, there’s a creative option for you to choose from. The Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout Rug below is really fun and colourful. 

Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout Rug

Be prepared! Get a Zero Fill Rug now before the summertime weather completely disappears!






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