Give Mud Fever the Boot this Winter!

give mud fever the boot

When the wet weather starts in early autumn, the prospect of muddy fields fills horse owners with dread and fear. Why? Because conditions like Mud Fever can make the months ahead miserable and costly. But they don't need to be with one of our specialist boots for Mud Fever.
What do Mud Fever Boots do?
Mud Fever boots protect the skin from moisture to help prevent mud fever. Whilst creams are great, they do have the drawback that your horse’s legs remain covered in mud when they come in from the field. Specially designed leg protection is a fantastic way to keep your horse’s legs clean and dry. Thus helping to prevent Mud Fever.
What Mud Fever boots are available?
For those on a budget, the Shires ARMA Mud Socks on the left below are great value or, if you can afford a few more pounds, the Shires ARMA Deluxe Mud Socks on the right have greater support and a better fit. Both made from soft, flexible, shock absorbing neoprene, the airflow perforations in them prevent the legs from over heating. 

Shires ARMA Mud Socks   Shires ARMA Deluxe Mud Socks

The LeMieux Mud Fever Turnout Boots form a sealed barrier of protection against mud to prevent mud fever. The breathable neoprene keeps your horse comfortable whilst the contours of the boot prevent them from slipping down.

LeMieux Mud Fever Turnout Boots    LeMieux Mud Fever Turnout Boots Bullet Points

The top of the range option comes in the form of the Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boots. An innovative design of loose fabric that allows cool air to circulate whilst the articulated 'Submarine Hoof Capsule' reaches underneath the heel bulbs preventing mud ingress and keeping the boot firmly in place at the same time.

Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boots    Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boots

Want to see the full range? Check out my range of mud fever boots here. And remember, you get free and fast delivery on all orders at EQUUS, regardless of how much you spend.

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  • Jennie posted on October 30 2019 at 05:10 PM

    Hi I’ve got a cob with big feathers, any suggestions?

  • Linda Russell posted on October 30 2019 at 05:10 PM

    I’m in my first year of being a horse owner. A wonderful 14.1 cob. With immense feathers can I use these boots on him!
    Thank you

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