Waterproof horse riding wear for summer

Waterproof Horse Riding Wear For Summer

The unpredictability of our recent weather has probably left many equestrians unprepared when rain and shine happen on the same day and often one immediately after the other. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some handy hints on what to wear for riding and all your chores when dark skies and unexpected showers loom.

Frequent showers in June, July and August are guaranteed now and should not come as a surprise to equestrians. When the weather forecast predicts dark clouds and rain, it’s really important to consider what you’re going to wear to stay dry.

Although the rainy spell reminds us of cold winter days, the temperature remains relatively high during those summer months. It is a difficult time for many to know what to wear when trying to shelter from the storm without getting hot and bothered.

When it’s wet and warm, wear light layers to regulate your body temperature. So, when the sun eventually comes out after the downpour and the rainbow appears, you’ll be able to remove layers as and when you need to.


To avoid getting absolutely soaked in showery weather, a jacket is an absolute essential. Remember that often when the heavens open, it causes the temperature to drop slightly, hence the need for a jacket.

There are different levels of protection that you need to know before you buy:

Good: Water resistant fabric resists the rain to some degree but not completely. The HKM Pro-Team International Riding Jacket is water resistant and has a hood for extra protection.

                                                                                            HKM Pro Team International Riding Jacket

Better: Water repellent fabric is not easily penetrated by rain, as you guessed the jacket will repel water. Although not fully waterproof, this is a much more effective solution than a water resistant. The Dublin Sachi Jacket is stylish and made from water-repellent softshell material.

                                                                                            Dublin Sachi Jacket

Best:  Waterproof is completely impervious to rain. Mountain Horse Team Jacket is fully waterproof and has a detachable and adjustable hood.                                 

                                                                                            Mountain Horse Team Jacket

The level of protection you opt for will depend on budget and how much time you spend in the rain, i.e. if you’re an instructor who teaches lessons outside, a fully waterproof jacket is a must; whereas if it’s only used for turning out in the morning water resistant or repellent might suffice. 

Ensure that your jacket allows for breathability.


Tights are definitely the rider’s favourite and legwear of choice when temperatures start to rise.

Wear breeches made of lighter weight fabrics as they will dry quite quickly when wet which will subsequently stop you from getting cold.

Avoid heavy fabrics completely, such as denim, as the warm-ish weather will make them unbearable to wear let alone ride in if they get even slightly wet.

And the final point is to ensure, as with jackets, that your breeches are described as breathable.

If you want to stay dry, try the Horseware Showerproof Breeches. As the name suggests, they offer protection from the weather but are still breathable to prevent you from getting too hot.

Horseware Showerproof Breeches


When the rain’s torrential, as it has been of late, waterproof over trousers are the only option. Look out for lightweight trousers that won't make you too warm while you wear them. Try the Horseware Boyne Over Trousers, fully waterproof with a lightweight mesh lining.

Horseware Boyne Over Trousers


Around the yard and for turning out, it’s probably best not to wear your lovely leather paddock or long riding boots when it’s raining. Instead Work Boots are the answer. Pick a style with a safe, non-slip sole, to keep you steady on wet terrain. Check out our Yard Boots Collection featuring a range of boots to fit any budget.

And finally, don’t forget accessories

Protect your hair from the rain, especially if the downpour has turned to a slight drizzle. Turning up at work or at the pub looking like a drowned rat can be avoided by wearing a cap. Admittedly it’s not waterproof but it’ll protect your hair to some degree from the elements. The Ariat Stable Cap features a moisture wicking lining to keep you cool this summer.

Ariat Stable Cap

Avoid life essentials, like your phone, getting wet by putting them in a bag too. The Busse Mobile Belt Bag is water resistant and touch screen compatible.

Busse Mobile Belt Bag

Don't let the rain ruin your summer with your beloved horse, shop Waterproof Summer Riding Wear now.

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