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Keeping grey horses gleaming

Jun 29,2019 | Kim Horton

Keeping Grey Horses Gleaming

“Gray” or grey horses are characterised by the progressive silvering of the coloured hairs of their coat. They may be born any base colour depending on the other colour genes that are present. White hairs begin to appear at or shortly after birth and become progressively lighter as the horse ages. The rate at which a horse grays varies but often by early adulthood their hair coat is dappled or white intermingled with hairs of other colours. 

Occasional baths aren’t enough to prevent a grey horse from yellowing and if he does yellow, clipping is the only way to remove the stain. To make sure your horse never reaches that state, you need a daily routine for basic cleanliness and a weekly bath and touch-up system that stops stains from setting.


Groom your horse daily with currycomb and brush. As you curry, use extra elbow grease on any manure, mud or grass stains you find, especially if his coat is toward the darker end of the “gray” range as that may be enough to get most stains out. But if, after currying, he still has a stain or two, what you do next depends on whether you’ve bathed him within the last couple of weeks.

Spot Cleaning

If you have bathed your horse recently and overall he’s still clean but with the odd stain here and there, simply spot clean the stains. This is a simple method of cleaning that's quick and easy for both of you.


If, however, he’s proper dirty or hasn’t been bathed in a while, spot-cleaning will leave him looking patchy. Instead, you need to give him a full blown bath. 

So, what’s the best shampoo for grey horses?

Use a quality shampoo designed for grey coats so you can keep your horse’s coat looking as it should. A good shampoo will get down into a horse’s coat, bring out the colour tones in it and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

When evaluating shampoos for your grey horse, look at the specific purpose of it. Does it get stubborn stain’s out of a grey horse’s coat? Or, is it just for regular bathing to remove dust, loose dirt and dead hair?

Another consideration is whether a shampoo is designed for grey horses. There are many shampoos that are high-quality, but they don’t contain the ingredients necessary to truly clean a grey horse’s coat.

The amount of shampoo you buy is another consideration. If you plan to bathe your grey horse just twice a month, you may want to go with a smaller bottle of shampoo. Alternatively, if you show your grey horse several times a month, you probably bathe it a couple of times a week. If so, look for a large bottle of shampoo so you know you’ll have plenty to use when you’re preparing for a big horse show and it’ll be better value for money. 

Gallop Colour Enhancing Horse Shampoo

                                                                                            Gallop Colour Enhancing Horse Shampoo

This shampoo is designed to thoroughly clean and remove stains from a grey horse’s coat. Also, it has ingredients that refract the light leaving a coat with a stunning shine. This is a good choice if you need a shampoo that will help your horse look its best for judges in the show ring.


It can be used on a horse’s mane and tail as well as its body.

It enhances the colour of your grey horse.

It has a pleasant fragrance to go along with its cleaning properties.


It is sold in small quantities that may not last long, especially if you have a large horse to bathe.

Alto Lab Shimmering White Purple Shampoo for Grey & White Horses

                                                                                             Alto Lab Shimmering White Purple Shampoo For Grey and White Horses

This shampoo is made to clean white or grey horses. It goes on purple and works through the everyday dirt along with the stains that can be so obvious on a grey horse’s coat.


Developed specifically for grey horses by scientists.

It has a bottle design that makes it easy to pour.

It’s available in a reasonable size for cleaning large horses.

Lincoln Hint of a Tint White Horse Shampoo

                                                                                             Lincoln Hint Of A Tint White Horse Shampoo

Lincoln Hint of a Tint White Horse shampoo is one of the best shampoos available for grey horses. It’s a mild mixture that brings out the natural shine in a horse’s grey coat.


This shampoo has a concentrated mixture that focuses on stains.

It brightens your horse’s coat for shows.

Lincoln is a reliable and trusted brand.

And finally…

Remember the best shampoo is the one that works best for your horse, and it could take several goes to work out which one this is.

Each horse has a chemical make-up that responds differently to various types of shampoo. The age of a horse, its grey colouring, its overall health and its living environment all factor into the sort of shampoo that is perfect for your horse.

Ideally, you want a product that improves the health of your horse’s skin while keeping its coat in healthy, shiny condition.

A shampoo should be easy to rinse off and never leave any residue behind on a horse’s coat. It’s helpful to try different types of shampoo until you find one, you’re satisfied with. Then, you can focus on doing other things like improving your horse’s diet and exercise routine to keep it in tip-top condition!

Now you've got your grey gleaming, read my blog how to get a yellow mane and tail white.

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