Want to be an Equestrian Brand Ambassador?

Equestrian Brand Ambassador


EQUUS is delighted to announce the launch of its exclusive Equestrian Brand Ambassador program. We'd love to hear from you if you've been looking for an opportunity to combine your passion for horses with a role that rewards you with commission.Read on to find out more about this rare opportunity...

Want to be an EQUUS Brand Ambassador?

Most of us have noticed a change in the way the equestrian community helps to  market brands and products to prospective customers. Once upon a time this was just via Sponsored Riders, but now there are Brand Ambassadors and Influencers as well. If you’re considering one of these roles, knowing more about each one is probably a good idea.

What’s the difference between a Sponsored Rider, an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador?

A Sponsored Rider receives products and donations to help fund their sport. They’re usually riders that are out competing so that their sponsor’s brand gets exposure to other equestrians, i.e. via branding on saddle pads, jackets etc.

An Influencer is as its name suggests, i.e able to “influence” their network of friends, family and fellow equestrians to buy certain products. This is usually because their opinion is valued and respected. Quite often instructors are people of influence as they're trusted.

A Brand Ambassador is an advocate for the brand they represent. They don’t get “paid” as such for what they do, but they do get a “package” of benefits.

Why are we looking for Brand Ambassadors?

The reason why we’re looking for Brand Ambassadors is because we’re trying to connect with passionate riders or horse owners who are at the heart of their local equestrian community, so they can tell other equestrians what we do, i.e. we provide great blogs about problems they’re struggling with, as well as great range of products, all with free and fast UK delivery on all orders over £20.

What does being an EQUUS Brand Ambassador involve?

Being at the heart of your local equestrian community means that:

  • You’ll be expected to promote EQUUS in your local equestrian community, i.e. at the stables where you ride or keep your horse, at your riding club, at local shows etc, as well as online via social media.
  • Use your initiative and be able to work without supervision to engage with potential customers without being asked to do so, follow up with them to check if they need help with products that they are considering buying, monitor customer satisfaction and obtain reviews.

What characteristics are EQUUS looking for in their Brand Ambassadors?

Getting the word out about EQUUS in your local equestrian community will be challenging and hard work in this massively competitive market. So, to be successful, you’ll need to demonstrate the following characteristics:

#1 Reflect EQUUS’s personality

You personally need to reflect the values and personality of our brand. For prospective customers to understand what the purpose of EQUUS is, you need to be able to articulate these yourself to be convincing and authentic.

#2 Demonstrate the marketing objective of this role

You need to have a sociable personality with an approachable demeanour and be able to market EQUUS – the real objective of this role. This doesn’t mean you need a degree in marketing before you can apply! In fact, it’s not necessary at all for this position. What is necessary, however, is a basic understanding of our core messages. Full training will be given on this.

#3 Be passionate

Your passion for all things equestrian will be genuine, infectious and energetic.

Is there anything else that is required?

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, you need to:

- Have a significant following on at least two Social Media channels

- Be aged 18 or over

- Live in the UK.

    What can you expect as an EQUUS Brand Ambassador?

    You will:

    - Enjoy an unlimited personal discount of 15%

    - Have an exclusive 10% discount code to share with your local community

    - Receive a minimum of 2.5% commission on sales made with your discount code

    - Have the opportunity to progress within programme rankings, earning more commission

    - Get advance news of new brands, products and promotions

    And much more!

    Could you be an EQUUS Brand Ambassador?

    If you believe that you're the perfect equestrian for this role, we’d love to hear from you, so apply today and tell us why.

    apply now to be an equestrian brand ambassador


    Kim Horton

    Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.


    • Melissa Rhodes posted on February 22 2021 at 10:02 AM

      Hi, my names Melissa and I would love to become an ambassador to help promote your company & products! I have 3 of my own horses of different ages and that perform in different disciplines.
      1 coloured mare 14.1 who I take on fun rides, show jumping, cross country and camps! 1 bay welsh section d mare who I love to show hopefully we will be out doing some ridden showing this year! And I have recently acquired a bay section d 2 year old colt who will first commence with some in hand showing!
      I am forever taking pictures and making memories with both my equines and pooches! & would love to do this whilst promoting and helping another’s business grow.

    • Hen posted on March 02 2021 at 08:03 AM

      I’d absolutely love to support this company, and it’s amazing products in any way I can.

    • Joanna mcnulty posted on May 11 2021 at 02:05 PM

      I would love to become a band ambassador, I feel like I could really help promote your products.I am an active Instagram user aswell as Facebook,what is a great way to share all your amazing products.
      I also run my own livery yard and would love to share with all my horsey Friends and liverys. I am part of St Michaels hospice riding club team/committe there for I could tell everyone about you at all the shows we run in our Area.I have a stunning Andalusia and we go out weekly to shows (all-rounder ).my 8 year old has a Beautiful pony who we take out weekly as well.My daughter is actually a brand Ambassador for a local online horse products Company that has grown massively with mine And others help. So i know how to help promote your Business And products. Thanks joanna Mcnulty


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