Brand spotlight: Nettex

Brand Spotlight: Nettex

Most of us equestrians have heard of Nettex but how much do we really know about this British company that has been researching, formulating and manufacturing animal health products for over 35 years. We have caught up with our friends at Nettex to find out about all of their amazing products. Read on to find out more...   

A bit about Nettex and why it was set up

Nettex has been developing innovative and technological solutions for nutrition and animal husbandry since 1983, when the business was founded in the UK.

Today we research, manufacture and formulate a comprehensive range of solutions at our state-of-the-art facilities at Rochester, Burton on Trent and Lichfield, all in the UK, supplying a wide range of markets that includes ruminant livestock, equestrian, poultry, and domestic pets.

Our commitment to research and development means the products we make are of the highest quality and are tailored to meet the needs of customers in both the UK and in over 40 countries worldwide.

The Equine product portfolio today includes products unique to Nettex together with everyday use products that horse owners tell us they just can’t live without.  

What customers are you aiming at and why should they choose Nettex products over others?

Our equine products are targeted at hard working horse owners, who love their horses, whether owned for sport or leisure, and want to provide the best level of care that they can. These are the people who are out caring for their horses and ponies every single day, come rain or shine. So we aim to provide owners and riders with products that WORK, to make the caring that they do easier. The effectiveness of our products is reflected in the awards and ratings presented by popular and trusted names such as Horse and Hound, Horse and Rider and Your Horse magazines.

What’s the story behind UK production?

Nettex is a wholly British-owned company with a wide range of products spanning equine, poultry and agriculture. All 3 of our manufacturing plants are based in the UK in Rochester, Burton on Trent and in Lichfield employing (across the various businesses) over 160 people  

How do you decide what new products to add to the range?

Very simply, we talk to, and most importantly, we listen to, retailers and horse owners. We have also conducted extensive research with horse owners to understand their challenges and needs and then we respond to that.  Before launching products to the marketplace, they are tested and trialled on UK yards with UK horses to be sure our products really do perform in the British climate!  

What’s your favourite Nettex product and why?

There are so many to choose from. However with Spring just around the corner and temperatures set to rise but many of us still battling very damp conditions, our current favourite is our ever-popular Summer Freedom Salve. Nettex Summer Freedom (previously known as Itch Stop) is an advanced salve which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies. It’s unique formulation also contains margosa, or neem as it is more commonly known, and eucalyptus and has wonderfully soothing and disinfecting properties. Our advice is to patch test first then start early with once a week applications. Summer Freedom can soothe, sanitise and disinfect minor sores to help break the itch, scratch cycle, and is also weather resistant so won't wash away in the spring showers. A 600ml tub can last for 6-8 weeks so also offers fantastic value for money for those who really need to manage itchy ponies at this time of year.

What’s Nettex’s hidden gem of a product that you feel customers overlook?

The V.I.P. range of supplements are our hidden gem. Every product in the range has been formulated by a vet and contains high quality ingredients designed to show visible results quickly, so horse owners can be sure they are providing the best care for their V.I.P. The V.I.P range was designed in response to horse owners expressing a need for supplements that really deliver a visible difference in your horse be that performance, condition or behaviour. Our belief is that feeling good starts from the inside and shines on the outside!

What ‘claims to fame’ does Nettex have and for what products?

I think our claim to fame is our chemists in Kent and the products they produce which have given us the amazing awards and reviews over the years from publications like Horse & Hound, Horse and Rider and Your Horse Magazine. Our Everyday Conditioning Shampoo won Best in Test in October 2019 and we received 8/10 from Horse and Hound on Stain Remover, Fly Repellents and Mane & Tail Detangler. Results like this help us show that our products are hardworking products that horse owners use day in and day out, and really love.

What well known riders use Nettex products?

We have a lot of people endorsing our products up and down the country, but our target market is the hard-working horse owner and celebrity endorsements do not appear to have a strong influence on a lot of horse owners in today’s market. We would rather invest that marketing budget in show-casing customers’ own horses benefiting from using the Nettex Equine range of products. To see horse owners that you can relate to using our products check out @nettexequine on Instagram or Facebook.

What is it that you particularly like about EQUUS as a retailer of your products? –

Equus is a one stop shop for horse owners! And we really love that Equus provides great educational pieces and blogs to support hard working horse owners, which really aligns well with the Nettex core values.

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