Monthly Must Haves for January

Equestrian monthly must haves January 2017

January. Don't you just love it! No question, it's one of the hardest months of the equestrian year. So make it easier for yourself with our monthly must haves...

Suffer with chilblains on your thighs?

You don’t need to any longer if you wear these Thermal Under Breeches from Equetech.

Designed for the area that’s exposed between your jacket and your boots, they’re packed full of great features:

  • Internal fleece panel on each thigh protects this area from getting chilblains and chapped skin
  • Not bulky under your breeches so they’ll go in your long boots
  • Seam-free design to prevent chafing
  • Extremely warm base layer to wear under your breeches
  • Wear them under your white breeches to hide your underwear and keep warm
  • Stirrup foot prevents them from riding up under your breeches
  • Made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra
  • Unisex design suitable for women and men
  • Available in white and black
  • Available in four sizes:
    • For Women... XS = 8-10; S = 10-12; M = 12-14; L = 14-16; XL =16-18
    • For Men... S = 30-32; M = 32-34; L = 34-36; XL = 36-38.


Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreech Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreech

Suffer with cold feet?

Most of us suffer with cold feet in the winter and could do with a bit of extra insulation. So why not invest in a pair of really warm socks like these Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks:

  • Wool blend makes them naturally thermal and hard wearing
  • Padded from toe to heel for extra comfort
  • Elasticated cuff, ankle and instep for a snug fit and to prevent slipping
  • Suitable for men and women riders
  • Pack contains two pairs
  • Available in Small(3-5 ½), medium(6-8 ½) and large(9-12).

Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks   Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks  Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks

Feeling chilly generally? Learn how to layer

The importance of the layering system is to allow yourself to safely regulate your body temperature during different levels of riding activity and different weather. It starts with a “base” layer and the Noble Equestrian Hailey Long Sleeved Crew Riding Top is one of the best.

  • Opti-Dry technology wicks away moisture to keep you dry and warm
  • Stretch mesh back panels for breathability
  • Flat seam construction so it won't chaff or rub your skin
  • Holes on the cuffs for your thumbs to go through to prevent the sleeve riding up your arm
  • UPF 50+ gives you protection from sunlight so it blocks out 98% of UV rays
  • Lower rear hem for full coverage of your lower back from the elements.

Noble Outfitters Hailey Riding Top

Worried about Mud Fever?

Your horse can’t escape the mud this time of the year, it’s everywhere! A lot of owners are wrestling with mud fever and the best way to manage it. The basis of preventing the condition is to clean the skin. If you feel you must wash the area to achieve this, don’t just use washing up liquid, invest in a proper medicated shampoo like Lincoln’s Muddy Buddy Scrub:

  • Contains a powerful, broad spectrum antibacterial agent that helps to weaken the effects of harmful bacteria
  • Helps to weaken the effects of harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy, dirty environments

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub

Dreading your horse shedding its winter coat?

How do you handle it when your horse loses his winter coat? Badly is possibly your answer! Horse hair sticks to your clothes and gets in your eyes and mouth. With Lincoln’s Ultimate Groomer, there's an easy way to remove a horse's winter coat and, what’s more, it’s faster than any brush, rake or comb which means you’ll spend less time grooming, more time riding and enjoying your horse!

The perfect tool for getting rid of your horse’s winter coat:

  • Doesn’t cut or damage the coat
  • Helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin
  • Promotes circulation and hair growth
  • Allows you to spend less time grooming, more time riding and enjoying your horse!

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer

Do you have any favourite products for this time of year? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add them to our range!


Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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