Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub


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Leg wash for horses

The Muddy Buddy products from Lincoln are specifically designed to be used on horses who suffer from mud related skin problems. This leg washing liquid will help to facilitate the removal of mud and dirt from the hair and hooves and it has an antibacterial formula to keep harmful bacteria at bay. It not only cleanses but also soothes the skin whilst making the whole area hygienically clean.


equus bullet Powerful, antibacterial washing liquid

equus bullet Enables easy removal of mud and dirt from the horse's legs

equus bullet Contains a powerful, broad spectrum antibacterial agent

equus bullet Helps to weaken the effects of harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy, dirty environments

equus bullet Soothing and cleansing

equus bullet Helps to maintain prolonged hygienically clean skin

equus bullet 500ml.

We Say

This is a useful product for sufferers of mud fever, cracked heels, rain scald etc., it'll help to clean up the affected areas without irritating the skin.

Suggested uses

Washing after turn out or work.

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