How to keep your extremities warm

how to keep your extremities warm when horse riding

For some riders, cold or freezing temperatures means less time with their horses because they struggle to keep warm — but it doesn't have to be that way. Keeping your feet and toes warm can be difficult during long hours outside while you take care of the dreaded chores and spend time with your horse. If you have a hard time keeping your extremities warm, wearing good socks, gloves and headwear can help you get through the winter more comfortably.

Wear the right socks

Just as with your horse riding boots, good winter socks not only need to be warm but also wick away moisture to help keep your feet dry. When your feet are dry, they're more likely to be warm as well. Look out for materials such as fleece, wool or merino wool as socks made of these will keep your feet warm and dry.

Resist the temptation to layer socks too heavily. Too many pairs will limit circulation. You need to be able to put your foot into your boot without feeling like you have to squeeze it in.

A pair of nylon socks, like those worn under field boots or dress boots, is a good additional layer to wear under a wool sock that will not add any thickness.

One of the most popular socks when it's cold with our customers is the Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks . It comes in three stunning colours and is a great value twin pack. 


Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks Woof Wear Winter Riding Socks

The Noble Outfitters Alpine Merino Wool Socks are a great alternative. It contains 32% Merino wool along with superior moisture-wicking qualities to help your feet stay dry.

    Noble Outfitters Alpine Merino Wool Socks   

Invest in decent gloves

As the air gets even colder, it can become difficult to keep your hands and fingers warm while riding and doing your chores. Select the best pair of gloves you can afford, and they’ll prove a good investment of your time and money, and will help ensure your hands stay warm. Good quality gloves should last as well providing you don’t lose them!

For the best value for money, the Busse LARS Winter Glove is great value with a very good silicone grip. The Roeckl Chester Winter Glove remains the best leather glove whilst the Roeckl Polartec Touch Gloves is 'touch screen sensitive' so you can use your mobile phone while you're wearing them.

busse lars winter glove   Roeckl Chester Winter Gloves   Roeckl Polartec Touch Gloves

Get some good head gear

Believe it or not, there is now technically designed head gear to keep your ears warm without sacrificing safety. The Equetech Riding Hat Thermal Liner is designed to give you extra protection in harsh cold weather, once fitted under your riding helmet, it covers your ears, neck, chest and back, keeping you toasty warm so you can concentrate on your riding. 

 Equetech Riding Hat Thermal Liner

A thick, luxurious fur headband sounds great…until you actually wear one. You'll be sweating in minutes and it won't fit under your riding hat either, so it'll probably end up stuffed in your pocket within a few hours. Mark Todd fleece-lined headbands fit comfortably under your hat and are made of micro-fibre, allowing your head to breathe. Available in a fabulous range of colours, they're excellent value too.

Mark Todd Headband   Mark Todd Headband   Mark Todd Headband

If you need more help with what to wear whatever the weather throws at you, our collection of winter horse riding wear includes coats, gilets, legwear and other thermal products to keep you warm and toastie!

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  • Karen posted on February 05 2019 at 12:02 PM

    Great tips for cold weather. As a horse rider and motorcyclist I swap my kit around, I have even taken the thermal winter lining out of my bike jacket and used it in my yard layers, keeps me toastie warm. The other essential addition is a good waterproof, as it also helps cut down on the windchill

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