4 of the best short winter yard boots

4 of the best short winter yard boots

Keeping your feet warm and dry when you’re at the yard is a must for all equestrians but finding the right short winter yard boot can be difficult. Before making your purchase, decide what’s most important to you: price, comfort, warmth, durability or appearance.

The best winter yard boots will be robust, comfortable, hard-wearing and offer excellent grip on a range of surfaces. They need to be able to cope with both mud and mucking out as well as offer excellent comfort for the endless walking we do on the yard or even with the dog! 

Mountain Horse Snowy River Lace Boots 

Premium tough cosy boot, fully prepared to take on wet, muddy conditions.

Mountain Horse Snowy River Lace

The verdict: Thick mud, puddles and snow are no match for these brilliant boots. Seriously warm and comfy.

Key features: Snow gripping rugged outsole; light weight insulation material for maximum warmth; waterproof.

Sizes: Unisex UK 3.512 (EU 36–46).


Brogini Buxton Sub-Zero Ankle Boots

Robust boots with a waterproof membrane.

Brogini Buxton Sub-Zero Ankle Boots

The verdict: Fantastic whatever the weather. They’ll protect your feet from muddy fields and keep them toasty warm in the snow. 

Key features: Waterproof; highly durable; available in black and brown.

Sizes: Women's UK 3–8.


HyLAND Short Mont Blanc Winter Boots

Stylish, comfortable yard boot.

HyLAND Short Mont Blanc Winter Boots

The verdict: Warm and hard-wearing boot, perfect for yard visits on chilly days.

Key features: Generous fleecy lining; rubber non-slip sole.; waterproof finish on foot.

Sizes: Women's UK 3–7 (EU 36–41).


Woof Wear Short Yard Boots

Fleece lined, waterproof yard boot with heavy-duty soles and arch support.

Woof Wear Short Yard Boots

The verdict: Warm, practical boots that do the job all year round.

Key features: Fleece lining for additional warmth; super-grippy soles that work even on icy ground; brilliant value.

Sizes: Unisex UK 111 (EU 33–46). 


And if your feet are still cold...

Get yourself the warmest pair of socks: Ariat AriatTEK Alpaca Performance Riding Socks

Ariat AriatTEK Alpaca Performance Riding Socks

Whether you decide if price, comfort, warmth, durability or appearance is most important to you, take a look at our collection of Women's Yard Boots or Men's Yard Boots as one of our insulated boots will keep you warm through the long winter months. And remember, at EQUUS it's free UK delivery on all orders, regardless of how much you spend.

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  • J Wigley posted on February 05 2019 at 12:02 PM

    After reading your e-mail about winter boots I bought a pair of Woof Wear short yard boots from you. I didn’t know they existed until I read your email and was delighted to discover them. I am on and off the yard like a yo-yo throughout the day and have my boots on and off many times. It has always been a source of frustration to me having to untie laces on my normal boots – what a waste of precious time! The Woof Wear boots take two seconds to undo the single Velcro strap – such efficiency!! So thank you for promoting your products as you do otherwise I would never have made this treasure of a discovery!

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