Hi-Viz Clothing For Horse Riders

Hi-Viz Clothing For Horse Riders

When riding out it's very important that you and your horse wear hi-viz. Many riders mistakenly think that they only need to wear it when it’s dark and dingy or foggy weather which is usually in the autumn and winter. However, it's just as important to wear it in spring and summer as often the sun obscures a driver's view. This means that hi vis clothing should be worn all year round. Equally it should be worn by all riders regardless of ability. Wearing it will give the horse, rider and motorist the greatest chance of preventing an accident.

Did you know?

According to research, if a driver sees hi-viz on you or your horse, it gives him an extra 3 seconds reaction time. This means that if he’s travelling at 30mph, he’s got an extra stopping distance of 40m which is the size of a full length dressage arena. For a driver, this could be the difference between hitting you and your horse or passing safely.

Why Orange (and Pink) are the new Yellow...

The latest thinking shows that the best colour is no longer good, old fashioned yellow. This is because during the rape season it's not actually possible to see a rider against a field of rape. So pink and orange are becoming more popular for this simple reason.

When the 'Polite' range of hi-viz equestrian clothing was launched, there was some debate about whether riders wearing it were deliberately trying to impersonate mounted policemen. This seems now to have run its course and riders continue today to wear it and love it in spite of the controversy. 

Your hi-viz equestrian wardrobe

A lot of us wear dark colours around horses as they’re great for not showing the dirt! However they’re not so great for riding out. Equestrian Hi-viz clothing needs to be an integral part of your wardrobe! There’s a great selection of Hi-Viz, starting with jackets for all weather conditions.

If you do a lot of riding out you’ll benefit from investing in a horse hi-viz jacket such as the Hy Equestrian Hi Viz Reflector Jacket. This hi vis jacket has a two-way riding zip for comfort in the saddle, and a zip pocket on the chest for easy storage of your essentials, this breathable riding jacket is handy to have when you're riding out or leading on the roads.

If you are looking for something waterproof, the reflective and fluorescent Equisafety Inverno Hi-Viz Jacket is 100% waterproof and breathable so it will keep you warm and dry without over-heating, and ensure you're seen by others. 

Another alternative is the HKM Hi Viz Safety JacketIt is highly reflective, making it perfect for dreary mornings and winter evenings when light is poor. For weather protection, it has a detachable hood and knitted cuffs.

If you prefer gilets over jackets, consider the Hy Equestrian Hi Viz Padded Gilet. A hi-viz gilet will offer a fitted, more elegant look but is still insulated to keep you warm in those colder months. This gilet comes in three colours: yellow, pink or orange.

If you feel a jacket is a bit too much hi-viz, there’s a decent range of hi viz tabards and hi viz vests available. Roma offer a really affordable Hi Viz Safety Vest which is ideal if you need to watch the pennies. It has reflective stripes and ‘Caution Horse & Rider’ on the back so you’re sure not to be missed!


Another option is the Hy Equestrian Hi Viz Waistcoat. It has the classic 'Please Pass Wide & Slow' message on the back and can be worn over your outfit whether you're wearing a coat or t-shirt.

hyviz waistcoat

And how about something for your hat? This is an extremely affordable bit of hi-viz equestrian wear and you’ll be seen above the hedge line when you’re hacking out on many of the country lanes. Take a look at the Equisafety Hi Viz Hat Band.


In need of inspiration?

Check out our full range of Horse Riding Hi Viz clothing and Hi-Viz horsewear and remember, we offer free UK delivery on all orders over £20 at EQUUS.

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Kim Horton

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  • Paula Newsome posted on September 07 2016 at 07:09 AM

    I wouldn’t go out without hi viz, I love my horse and try to protect him as well as myself as much as possible.
    I feel it should be law that hi viz must be worn as well as hat’s. Px

  • Sue Moss posted on January 27 2018 at 02:01 PM

    When approaching a horse and ride from the front the head of the horse is very prominent so hi-viz ear veils might work well for being seen.

  • Jane Clark posted on January 02 2020 at 01:01 PM

    We always wear hi viz out hacking. Do struggle to find a range of jackets from light to winter weight for my husband. Woman’s jackets just don’t fit !


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