Wet weather riding wear

Wet Weather Riding Wear

 When it comes to horse riding in the rain, us equestrians tend to have vastly different opinions. Some don’t mind getting a little wet, whereas others would rather muck out every stable than ride in the rain! Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, it rains a fair bit in the UK and, what’s more, it rains a lot more in some parts than others.

So when it does, you don’t want to be caught unprepared. If you’re unsure where to start shopping, don’t stress. We’ve put together a guide of some our favourite waterproof picks from some of our favourite brands. So, the next time showers are forecast, you’ll be well prepared and ready to ride, whatever the weather.


Stay warm and dry in a classic pair of water resistant breeches. The Noble Equestrian Winter Breeches are made from water-repellent softshell, perfect for hunting. 

* Water resistant * Fleece lined * Silicone knee patches * Belt loops.

Noble equestrian softshell winter breeches


Fleece lined and water repellent, the HyPerformance Thermal Softshell Silicone Knee Patch breeches are ideal for outdoor wear on cold winter days and nights, whilst the silicone knee patches provide good grip whilst in the saddle.

Water repellent, windproof and breathable * Dirt repellent Softshell * Fleece lined. 

 HyPerformance Thermal Softshell Silicone Knee Patch Breeches

Rather than buy water resistant breeches, you can simply add a waterproof layer to your existing breeches. The Shires Winter Waterproof Chaps are easy to slip on over your legwear.

* Waterproof * Full length zips * Reflective strips.

   Shires Team Waterproof Chaps 

If you prefer an actual pair of trousers, the Horseware Rambo Lightweight Waterproof Pull Up Trousers provide full protection against wet weather. These trousers are the perfect layer for riding, mucking out, and outdoor pursuits.

* Waterproof and windproof * Lightweight design *

 Horseware Rambo Lightweight Waterproof Trousers

For more security in the saddle the Busse Zirrus Rain Breeches are perfect, as they feature a full seat for great functionality in the saddle.

* 100% Waterproof * Continuous 2-way zip closure along the legs * Breathable * Full seat made of anti-slip PU fabric.

Busse Zirrus Rain Breeches  


Waterproof horse riding jackets come in a variety of styles and colours, so there's bound to be something to suit everyone and all budgets.

Mountain Horse is without question one of the best brands for technical outdoor wear. They have a range of styles that accommodate most requirements, the first of which is the Mountain Horse Team Jacket, a classic bomber jacket style.

* 100% waterproof jacket * Two way YKK waterproof riding zip * Detachable and fully adjustable hood.

 Mountain Horse Team Jacket   Mountain Horse Team Jacket

 A mid length jacket sits below the hips to provide extra insulation. The Mark Todd Parka Jacket has a drawstring waist for a feminine fit while keeping out drafts.

* Waterproof with taped seams and two way riding zip * 140g soft filling * Back vents to fit around saddle.

Mark Todd Short Parka Jacket

Stay warm and protected with the Mountain Horse Wintertide Parka. Ideal for keeping dry when in the saddle, the Wintertide features riding vents at the back and taped seams providing protection from the rain and wind. 

* Fully taped, waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabric * Detachable hood * Riding slits at sides.

Mountain Horse Wintertide Parka

However if you’re off out competing and dark skies are looming, you might want a simple layer to keep the rain off. HKM offer a short and a long transparent riding jacket. The HKM Rain Mac is the short version of the jacket and the HKM Long Transparent Rain Mac, surprisingly, is the long version!

* Rainproof * Press studs front panel and side slits * Two deep front pockets.

HKM Rain Mac HKM long transparent rain mac


There’s nothing worse, whether you’re a happy hacker or a hard core equestrian, than riding with wet hands as they can become incredibly sore in the rain. So why not invest in a decent pair of waterproof gloves?

The Woof Wear Waterproof Riding Glove is designed specifically for riding so it won't compromise the feel and comfort on the reins.

* 100% waterproof * Breathable membrane * Reinforcement between the rein fingers.

 Woof Wear Waterproof Riding Glove 

If you struggle with cold hands, the Woof Wear Winter gloves will keep your hands dry and toasty. The HIPORA waterproof and breathable membrane will keep your hands dry without over-heating.

* HIPORA® waterproof and breathable membrane * Super warm 80g cotton insulation * Silicone print to aid grip.

Woof Wear Winter Gloves

 So don't let the rain stop you from riding…whether it’s out hacking, schooling or competing, our range of waterproof equestrian clothing by well-known brands will help keep you dry and happy, as few things will leave you more miserable than being soaked to the skin!

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