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Brittle hooves in horses

May 28,2019 | Kim Horton

Brittle Hooves In Horses

When the ground gets hard and dry in summer, horse owners start to scrutinise their horse’s feet. They assume that brittle, cracked and chipped hooves are the result of prolonged, hot and dry weather, but environment is just one aspect that plays a part in your horse’s feet. Often nutrition and genetics are overlooked. More often than not, the condition of hooves is generally a reflection of his overall health. 


Whilst some horses just inherit bad feet from their relatives, the importance of nutrition is frequently underestimated. If your horse is lacking protein or vitamins and minerals or has an unbalanced diet, his feet can really be affected. Always ensure your horse is being fed a proper, balanced diet. If your horse is just getting grass and/or hay, he may be missing some key nutrients. Adding a supplement may be the answer to giving your horse healthier hooves. Excellent hoof supplements are available on the market. When selecting a supplement, look for ingredients like biotin, selenium, Omega fatty acids, lysine, vitamin B, zinc, manganese, threonine and iodine.

Global Herbs Hoof

First and Foremost 

The first and probably most important thing you'll need to repair your horse's hooves is a well-qualified, competent farrier. Farriers with limited ability should not work on horses with problems, as a relatively small problem can quickly turn it into a larger one that will take more time, effort and money to repair. If you are sure you have a qualified farrier, have him and your vet help you make a plan to repair your horse's dry, brittle hooves.

Dress with Care

When your horse’s hoof is dry, brittle, chipped or cracked, it sure sounds like a good idea to “treat” it by painting something on. However, applying hoof oils such as these can cause more problems rather than solve them. Oil can make the hooves reject moisture, which causes them to dry out. Walking around in wet grass every now and then is very good for the hooves of your horse. The hooves become elastic and shine without oil. During a dry period, it even helps to hose the hooves to hydrate them. Take care with what products you choose to apply to your horses hooves and consult with your farrier. Look for one designed to moisturise and help brittle hooves. Take a look at some of our favourites below:

Lincoln Intensive Hoof Moisturiser
The Lincoln Intensive Hoof Moisturiser optimises moisture balance in dry and brittle hooves. A technologically advanced product containing natural keratin amino acids.
Silverfeet Hoof Balm
The Silverfeet Hoof Balm provides a barrier against the environment, whether it's very wet or very dry. It is designed to be used daily as part of your routine hoof care to keep hooves in tip top condition.
Keratex Hoof Moisturiser
The Keratex Hoof Moisturiser works by restoring and then maintaining the correct water balance within the hooves. It helps to prevent the cracks and splits that can appear over time in dry hooves.

Maintain Movement

A lot of problems with hooves stem from bad care and/or insufficient movement. Movement is extremely important for the development of healthy feet, including the hooves and joints in the foot. Movement stimulates the blood flow and that is essential for the transport of nutrients to keep the hooves healthy, elastic and in top condition. So, even when it’s warm and sunny, you still need to exercise your horse - consider early mornings or later in the evenings when it is cooler.

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