Silverfeet Hoof Balm

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All year round hoof protection

Silverfeet have given us a very modern solution to an old problem with this fabulous hoof balm. It is designed to be used daily as part of your hoof care routine and will keep hooves conditioned, odour free, protected from the environment and looking shiny too. It is a first antimicrobial hoof balm containing silver ions, which are well known for their therapeutic properties, and it comes in a range of traditional and original colours. Also comes in liquid form which has the same properties as the balm.


equus bullet Combines a unique blend of natural ingredients, essential oils and a silver complex

equus bullet Use daily as part of your routine hoof care to keep hooves in tip top condition

equus bullet Proven to prevent the growth of equine hoof bacteria and fungi which can lead to diseases like thrush

equus bullet Provides a barrier against the environment, whether it's very wet or very dry

equus bullet Silver ions maintain hoof health and fight bacteria

equus bullet Conditions hooves and gives a lasting shine

equus bullet Nice smelling and easy to apply

equus bullet Blue and Pink will appear natural when applied, black is specifically for black hooves

equus bullet Funky colours will encourage kids to actively participate in daily hoof care.

We Say

This product comes highly recommended from horse owners, professionals and farriers. We love the original idea of colours to add a bit of fun to daily hoof maintenance and the price is great too.

Suggested uses

Use daily as part of your hoof maintenance regime for all round care and protection.


Formulated using ingredients from eco-sustainable sources, it consists of a beeswax and vegetable oil base and contains essential oils and a silver complex. Contains no harsh chemicals.

Size Guide

All colours are available in a 400ml tub. Natural and Black are also available in 2.5L tubs.