Brand Spotlight: Roeckl

What are Roeckl Gloves

Roeckl, or Roeckl Sports as it is globally known, is a family-run mid-sized company based in Munich, Germany. Managed by the cousins Stefan and Christian Roeckl, it stands for quality, perfection and innovation.

For six generations Roeckl has lived up to its motto: "Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!" Their wealth of experience and our undivided focus on gloves, has made them the market leader on the sports gloves market.

With great enthusiasm and lots of passion, they develop and manufacture perfect gloves for other sports besides horse-riding, such as cycling and skiing.

They love and live for gloves. They get the fact that hands are an important tool of delicate communication between horse and rider. No other hobby or sports activity creates a more unique connection between two individuals. To foster this connection in the best possible way, Roeckl understand that riding gloves must fulfil a wide range of requirements. They must:

  • Fit like a second skin
  • Provide excellent grip
  • Be comfortable to wear
  • Protect the hands.

Focussed solely on gloves, it’s the market leader of equestrian gloves. Their products are aimed at riders who ride more than 3 times per week, who want a good feel and grip on the reins.

Their best selling and instantly recognisable glove, is the Roeckl Chester Gloves which is also known as the Roeck-Grip Glove. Available in 10 sizes and 10 colours, there should be something to fit and suit all equestrians, male and female alike! 

Roeckl Chester Gloves Navy  Roeckl Chester Gloves White   Roeckl Chester Gloves Caramel

The women’s range is feminine, of a modern design and a cut adapted to women’s needs, i.e. they’re a slimmer fit, have longer fingers to take in to account the female anatomy and have a specific cut up to size 8.0.

Details such as the Swarovski crystals or colourful highlights create an excellent appearance if you’re looking for that wow factor.

Roeckl Chester Bling Gloves White   Roeckl London Gloves Black and Gold

Wet and cold weather presents a particular challenge to equestrians because only warm and dry hands enable you to gently handle the reins. In addition to reliable all-weather protection Roeckl’s gloves for Autumn and Winter offer an exceptionally high degree of breathability which creates the perfect climate inside the glove for grip and feel.

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Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.


  • Rosie posted on March 07 2018 at 04:03 PM

    I am totally in love with my Roeckl gloves they are brilliant they fit like a second skin, I would not ride in anything else. You have great contact and feel on the reins but they protect your hands. Amazing.

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