Best Horse Rugs for Autumn

Best Turnout Rugs for Autumn

The temperatures are a-changing! Autumn is here. The nights are already cooler and we’re having the odd milder day. It's time to think about rugs for our horses. But which rugs should you be using in early autumn...?

The answer is “Lightweight” rugs. As with their medium and heavy weight counter-parts. They offer adequate protection when the weather is still variable, often warm or hot during the day in September and October, for example, but dropping to single figures at night. 

These turnout rugs are available with or without a filling. If your horse struggles to keep condition, go for something with a filling. Lightweights typically have a filling of 0 - 150 grams. 

Lightweight turnout rugs tend to have some significant differences that can go unnoticed unless you have your wits about you! 

Rain Sheets are a must have! They keep your horse dry on wet days, they have no filling to prevent your horse over heating but provide a shower proof layer to keep your horse dry and clean. 

TROJAN Xtra Lightweight 0g Standard Neck Turnout Rug

The TROJAN Xtra Lightweight 0g Standard Neck Turnout Rug has a durable and tough waterproof and breathable windproof outer with taped seams to offer your horse excellent protection. 

A 50g Turnout Rug is an ideal choice for mild, wet weather. Often providing better waterproofness than rain sheets they also provide light filling to prevent your horse getting cold.

Weatherbeeta Green-Tec Lightweight 50g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug

The Weatherbeeta Green-Tec Lightweight 50g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug features 50g filling to provide ideal protection for your horse and also features a detachable neck, making it very versatile. It is also made from recycled materials!

A 100g Turnout Rug provides additional warmth for your horse, perfect for cooler days and nights, available with standard, detachable or combo necks.

The Gallop Trojan Dual Lightweight 100g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug is perfect for Autumn weather, it has quality features to keep your horse warm and safe in the field including a detachable neck cover and waterproof outer.


As well as weight, you also need to find the right style of rug for your horse.

There are so many different types of rugs that it can sometimes be tricky finding the right one, take a look at some of our favourite features below!

Anti-rub features

The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ultra Cozi II Lightweight 100g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug has the Weatherbeeta Cozi guard neck and memory foam wither relief pad which reduce rubbing.

Ripstop Material 

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Lightweight Plus 50g Combo Neck Turnout Rug

The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Lite Plus Combo Neck Turnout Rug is made of ripstop material outer layer with Repel Shell coating is a strong 1200 denier and is both breathable and waterproof.

Detachable Necks

We have a range of Lightweight Turnout Rugs with detachable necks. The DefenceX System Lightweight 50g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug features light 50g filling and a detachable neck making it super versatile, perfect for Autumn when the weather is so changeable. 

At EQUUS we have a great selection of Lightweight Turnout Rugs and Zero Fill Turnout Rugs and we offer Free UK Delivery on orders over £20 and Rosette Reward Points on all orders!

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