Best products for cleaning your horse's stable

Best products for cleaning your horse's stable

Cleaning your horse's stable is often one of those jobs you put off until spring arrives. Hey, guess what? You don't need to wait for spring. You can do it at any time but it's one of those jobs that you need to be motivated to do otherwise you just keep putting off till “tomorrow”. Does this sound familiar?

There’s nothing more satisfying than giving your stable a good clean. For many, however, the pleasure comes only after the work is finished! Your cleaning may never be effortless, but you can make it more manageable by using the right products.

Before you start…

Get yourself a pair of Hy Multipurpose Stable Gloves. They’re great for any yard type job and have excellent grip for both wet and dry conditions. The close fit gives you a natural feel and grip. Machine washable, you just need to pick your favourite colour!

Hy5 Multipurpose Stable Glove Mauve   Hy5 Multipurpose Stable Glove Pink   Hy5 Multipurpose Stable Glove Blue

If you’re looking for a proven and powerful disinfectant. Virkon S is the one for you. Highly versatile, it’s able to be used for all surface areas and equipment on the yard. With no evidence of resistance overtime to 31 bacterial strains, 58 viruses and 6 fungi, it’s a pretty powerful product. Available in tablets, sachets or powder.

Virkon S Powder 1L   Virkon S Tablets   Virkon S Sachet

Good ol' Jeyes Fluid needs no introduction and is probably the most well-known of all disinfectants. The smell can be difficult to tolerate along with the concern of what it might do if inhaled or came in to direct contact with a horse.

Jeyes Fluid

If you’re overwhelmed by the smell of amnonia, Gold Label Polykil neutralises it and works well with rubber matting in that, it doesn’t damage your lovely expensive rubber mats, unlike some disinfectants!

Gold Label Polykil

If you care about the environment, look at Cleanround Fragranced Yard Wash as it’s completely environmentally friendly and uses modern technology to deal with age old problems, keeping infection and bacteria under control, smelling good at the same time!

Cleanround Fragranced Yard WashCleanround Fragranced Yard WashCleanround Fragranced Yard Wash

 Looking for something else that'll help? Check out my full collection of products for spring cleaning your horse's stable. Do you have any favourite products? Let me know in the comments below!

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