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We’re all well aware that winters are getting warmer and wetter. This calls for a different approach to what to turn out in after you’ve exhausted all the options of reducing the amount of mud in your field.  You’ve limited turn-out time.  You’ve rotated the fields that are used.  You’ve reduced the number of horses on the field.  You’ve even started to exercise your horse before he’s turned out to try to ensure that the mud isn’t disturbed in the field. So what can you do to keep your horse clean or, rather, as clean as possible? Here are some suggestions from the range of products that we sell here at EQUUS that provide a barrier between the mud and your horse to protect him. 

Teflon coated rugs

Never is the statement about ‘you get what you pay for’, more true than about rugs!  Invest in the best rugs that you can afford.  Look out for winter rugs that are Teflon coated.  These repel water and water based substances like mud.  What’s more important is that it means that the mud can easily be brushed off when it dries.  We offer both Weatherbeeta and Mark Todd Teflon coated rugs.

Weatherbeeta Rug


The best solution for a muddy mane is not endless grooming when it’s dried off.  It’s a ‘hoody’!  These are excellent for keeping your muddy monster clean but be sure to get a snug fit so that it doesn’t move whilst it’s on. With a variety of different brands available you're sure to find a hood to fit your rugs.  

Amigo Hood

There's more than one style of hoody for horses. If you're a bit worried that a neck cover won't protect him completely from the mud, the ultimate protection comes in the form of a body suit or rug base layer! The Weatherbeeta Stretch Rug covers the horse from nose to tail. Perfect for protecting him from the mud in his field while minimising rubs from rugs as well as being an additional layer in the winter.

Weatherbeeta Stretch Rug


If you need a boot that protects against Mud Fever as well as mud, the Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boot is a unique design. Breathable and fully waterproof, it creates a protective barrier from mud from just below the knee encorporating the hoof. The 'Submarine Hoof Capsule' reaches underneath the bulb of the heels and prevents mud from getting in. One of Woof Wear's greatest inventions, this best selling boot is the most popular choice with horse owners. 

Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boots

Many experienced owners still swear by a good quality barrier like ‘Sudocrem’. However, barrier creams do have the drawback that your horse’s legs are still covered in mud when they come in from the field and then there’s the question: do you hose them off or leave the mud to dry and brush it later.  There is an alternative to both of these: Equilibrium's Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps.

Equilibrium close contact chaps

There are some inexpensive products that you can use if your budget's a bit tight. The Groom Away Mud Repeller and Coat Conditioner repels mud by coating. When applied it prevents mud from sticking to the fine hair of the horse's coat. A more traditional remedy is Lincoln Pig Oil. Known to work well as a barrier to water and mud, it's a long acting oil which doesn't need to be applied daily.

Groom Away Mud Repeller and Coat Conditioner   Lincoln Pig Oil Spray 

Wetter winters look like they’re going to be with us for a while yet. So coping with mud is essential if you want to stay sane! Admittedly it’s not a massive list of products but as one famous supermarket famously said... "every little helps".

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