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Lincoln Pig Oil Spray

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The Lincoln Pig Oil Spray is a traditional grooming lotion that has been used with success for decades. It is especially useful for horses with long, thick feathers and those who live out 24/7 or suffer from mud fever. It is also long acting and doesn't need to be applied daily.


equus bullet Conditions the skin.

equus bullet Promotes a glossy coat.

equus bullet Provides a waterproof barrier for your horses coat and skin.

equus bullet Excellent to help prevent mud fever.

We Say

There is a reason why pig oil has been around for so long, it works and it won't break the bank either. This is why it is an excellent choice for those with horses that suffer from mud fever as it provides a waterproof barrier to the skin, preventing bacteria from penetrating. For more information regarding mud fever, take a look a our blog - What is mud fever and how do I treat it?

Suggested uses

As a barrier lotion.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml spray or 4 Litre refill bottle.