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Veredus Magnetic Hock Boots

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The Veredus Magnetic Hock Boots are a therapeutic device with 16 neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, distributed on both sides of the hock. Made with a breathable Aerox material, lined and trimmed in Lycra, this material is breathable and prevents overheating. These horse therapy boots are designed to reduce pain and swelling, stimulate bloody flow, aid the elimination of toxins, aid recovery and prepare muscles and tendons for work. 


equus bullet 16 neodymium magnets that provide many benefits to your horse. 

equus bullet Slows down the deterioration of tissues and restore the biological energy to allow cells to work efficiently as possible.

equus bullet Breathable Aerox material.

equus bullet Lined and trimmed in Lycra.

equus bullet Comfortable and non restrictive. 

equus bullet Sold as a pair.

equus bullet Available in Black with blue. 

Suggested Uses

In the stable, travelling or before/after exercise. 

Size Guide

Available in two sizes: Full (Medium) or Extra Full (Large).