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Thoroughbred Remedies Superlyte Syrup

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Thoroughbred Remedies Syperlyte Syrup rapidly replaces electrolytes in exactly the same ratio as they are lost in equine sweat. When horses perform high intensity short duration physical exercise they lose considerable amounts of body fluids through sweating. These horses lose electrolytes in the ratio of 2 Sodium : 2 Chloride : 1 Potassium. This formulation rapidly replaces electrolytes in the same proportions, in a palatable easy to feed syrup.

Feeding Guidelines 

Please ensure that drinking water is available at all times. 

Horses in training - feed 80ml per day.

Post race/competition - feed 160ml post-race/competition.

What's in it 

Glucose Syrup, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride.

Size Guide

Available in 3.75 Litres, or 10 Litres.