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Thomas Pettifer Invigor8 Cooling Wash

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Thomas Pettifer's Invigor8 Cooling Wash contains pine oil, arnica and witch hazel which are all ingredients known to soothe tired muscles, sprained or pulled tendons while effectively cooling down you horse. This unique formula ensures your horse retains its natural skin oils which will help to keep your horse’s coat shiny and waterproof. It may also be applied undiluted as a massage ointment.

Directions for use 

Add two capfuls of Invigor8 to five litres of water and use to remove sweat and dirt. If using as a massage ointment, pour undiluted onto a cloth and apply to the skin. Ensure undiluted solution is washed off after use.

What's in it

Isopropyl alcohol, Menthol, Pine oil, Arnica tincture, Witch hazel.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ML bottle.