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ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Field Safe Headcollar

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equus bullet Safe headcollar with an adjustable leather breakaway strap around the crown.
equus bullet Effectively releases your horse if they get caught up, avoiding serious injury.
equus bullet Roomy noseband designed for rub-free comfort.
equus bullet Easy to fit with the Thinline Flexible Filly Muzzle.
equus bullet Carefully placed keepers to ensure correct position of muzzle if attached. 
The KM Elite ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Field Safe Headcollar is designed for ultimate safety, offering you peace of mind when your horse is out in the field. The top strap will breakaway under pressure if your horse gets caught up. Comfortable for your horse with an adjustable leather crown strap and roomy noseband intentionally not adjustable for the best rub-free design. This headcollar is ideal for use with the Thinline Flexible Filly Muzzle as it can be easily attached to the keepers. Which ensures the muzzle is secured in the right position and clear of the horse's lips and nostrils. Available in Black and Brown.

Size Guide

Available in sizes: Shetland (18cm Noseband), Pony (26cm Noseband), Cob (28cm Noseband), Full (30cm Noseband), Extra Full (32cm Noseband). For more sizing information please read our ThinLine Size Guide.