Supreme Products Rug Wrap


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High quality, multipurpose rug wrap

The Supreme Products Rug Wrap is made from the highest grade Italian Lycra mix. It is great for laying the coat flat and adding condition and shine, with the versatility of adding a hood if required. It can be used under outdoor and indoor rugs to protect the coat and add warmth. It protects the chest, withers and shoulders from rug rub and, although close-fitting, is not tight. You can use it whilst travelling and in the stable, as a base layer, or as a lightweight rug. It has an underbelly strap and leg straps to hold it securely in place.


equus bullet High grade Italian lycra

equus bullet Very versatile

equus bullet Secure fit

equus bullet Available in Black, Navy, Purple or Red.

Suggested uses

In the stable, in the field, travelling, showing, competitions

Size Guide

Available in sizes 12hh, 12.2hh, 13.2hh, 14.2hh, 15.2hh, 16.2hh, and 17.2hh.