Supreme Products DeFUSE

Calming supplement that can be used when required

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Supreme Products DeFUSE is a vitamin-based supplement which helps calm nervous animals. No build-up is normally needed and once the level for your particular horse or pony is established - and this is the principle factor and variable - you can feed DeFUSE when you feel that it is required.

Feeding Guidelines 

DeFUSE can be given in the feed, but to ascertain the amount consumed, we recommend the use of a graduated syringe or an Easy Wormer and feed straight in to the mouth.

Give orally 2 ½ hours before required.

Ponies: 30ml - 90ml.

Horses: 60ml - 120ml.

What's in it

The product contains no prohibited substances - it is a Vitamin, Amino Acid and Magnesium based supplement.

Size Guide 

Available in an 80ml syringe, or a 500ml, 1 Litre, or 5 Lite bottle.