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Smart Grooming Smart Tails Yellow Handle Thinning Rake

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8 Teeth (Course)
12 Teeth (Medium)
20 Teeth (Fine)
20 Teeth (SuperFine)
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The revolutionary Smart Grooming Smart Tails Yellow Handle Thinning Rake is designed for thinning thick manes and tails, giving a "pulled" look without causing discomfort for your horse. The yellow handle is easy to grip, and the blades can be easily interchanged when necessary or replaced when blunt. Available in Yellow. 

We say

This mane pulling comb is a must have in your grooming kit. It's great for horses with long and thick manes and tails. To create perfect plaits in your horse's mane, take a look at our blog Perfect Plaits 101.

Size Guide

Available in 8 teeth (Course), 12 teeth (Medium), 20 teeth (Fine), or 20 teeth (Superfine).