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Silver Thrush Natural Powder Puffer Bottle EQI0015

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The Equus Imports Silver Thrush Natural Powder Puffer Bottle is a hoof and sole conditioner that is especially helpful in the management of thrush, mud fever, and rain scald. Used as part of your regular routine, it dries out the affected areas and kills bacteria in the deepest cracks. Made with a unique blend of organic clays and minerals. The natural clays absorb excess moisture in the hoof and the antibacterial agent kills bacteria, thus providing an environment conducive for healthy horn growth and hoof repair. It can also be used as a wound powder, so it's great for your first aid kit! Contains copper salts, iron salts, natural clays, and medical silver.


equus bullet Natural clays absorb moisture and condition the hoof and sole.

equus bullet Antibacterial agent provides an environment conducive to healthy horn growth.

equus bullet Can also be used as a wound powder.

equus bullet Handy and precise puffer application, great for wounds and cracks.

We say

This product works great as a mud fever horse treatment. Want to know more about mud fever? Take a look at our blog - What is mud fever and how do I treat it?

Size Guide

Comes in a 100g or 200g puffer bottle.