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Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net

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Small (30")
Medium (40")
Large (50")
Mesh Size
1" (2.5cm)
2" (5cm)
1.5" (3.8cm)
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These extra strong nylon haynets from Shires are made from soft woven nylon that is not knotted so it's kinder to your horse and more durable against nibblers. Available in three different hole sizes for controlled, semi-controlled or ordinary feeding. 


equus bullet Three mesh sizes depending on the feeding required 

equus bullet Choice of 1" holes for controlled feeding, 1.5" holes for semi-controlled feeding or 2" holes for ordinary feeding

equus bullet Length: 30" (76cm) ,40" (102cm), 50" (127cm).

equus bullet Capacity: Small 4kg, Medium 6kg or Large 9.5kg.

equus bullet Available in Black.

Size Guide

Available in 3 separate mesh/hole sizes - 1" (2.5cm), 1.5" (3.8cm) or 2" (5cm).