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Popular, scientifically proven muzzle for horses and ponies on a weight control diet

Considered by many users to be the best on the market, this Shires comfort grazing muzzle is well known and widely used to help to restrict the grazing intake of horses and ponies. It is carefully padded to protect the delicate skin of your horse and has strong velcro fastenings so it stays in place but can come off in an emergency.


equus bullet Cut back under the chin to avoid unnecessary pressure

equus bullet Improved fit

equus bullet Rubber base has a hole in the bottom through which grass can enter

equus bullet Reinforced nylon web bars allow free air exchange

equus bullet Anti-chafe padding around the inside of the muzzle

equus bullet Fully adjustable harness

equus bullet Field safe fastening

equus bullet D-ring for attaching a lead rope

equus bullet A fleece lined deluxe version is also available

equus bullet Available in black.

Buying Guide

Grazing muzzles are proven to aid the management of controlled or restricted feeding programs and special diets.

Research has shown that restricting ponies' diets by reducing turn out time may be less effective than using a muzzle. This is because our clever ponies can adapt their grazing behavior, so they'll often just eat more in a shorter period.

Shires grazing muzzles have been shown to restrict grazing intake by an average of 80% by reducing the bite size of the grass eaten. It is effective in all seasons and allows ponies to continue to engage in natural foraging and eating behaviours.

Used as part of an overall weight management program and not intended to be worn 24/7. Wear time should be built up gradually.

Care instructions

Machine washable.


Nylon webbing straps with a rubber base and strong velcro fastenings.

Size Guide

Available in Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full sizes. 

Shires Comfort Grazing Muzzle

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