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FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears and Fringe

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The FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears and Fringe is the new season Shires fly mask that uses Air Motion technology to actively circulate air, reducing heat build up within the mask and promoting dryness. This horse fly mask is secured with an easy-to-use adjustable strap with pull tab, the mask benefits from an average of 70+% UV protection. Breathable 3D mesh and aerated ears are paired with colourful elasticated trims for a close fit without over-heating, while the fringe deters flies from landing. The ripstop sun visor stands well clear of the eyes thanks to the reinforced darts, allowing for clearer vision. Available in Orange.

Prefer a fly mask without nose coverage? Check out the Shires Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears.

Buying Guide

Fly masks protect against bothersome flies, midges, gnats and other flying bugs. They also provide a barrier against dust and airborne particles. See our Fly Mask Buying Guide for more information.

Care instructions

Hand wash cool.

Size Guide

Available in sizes Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, or Extra Full. Read our Shires Fly Mask Fitting Guide for more information.

If you need any sizing assistance, call us on 01438 869442.