QHP Fringed Exercise Combo Fly Rug

Ride-on fly rug with fringes to deter insects


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The QHP Exercise Fly Sheet with fringes ensures you can ride without flies and other insects bothering your horse. The fringes along the trim of the rug help to keep away the flies so your horse remains undisturbed. The neck of the blanket can be attached to the bridle with Velcro fasteners so that it doesn't slip. With a cut-out saddle area, twin front buckle closures, and protective tail flap with tail strap. Available in Grey with Navy trim. 

Size Guide

Available in sizes 5'3 (165cm), 5'6 (175cm), 6'0 (185cm), 6'3 (195cm), 6'6 (205cm), or 7'0 (215cm). Take a look at our QHP Fringed Exercise Fly Rug Size Guide