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Protexin Cosequin Equine

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Protexin Cosequin Equine is a joint health supplement that slows the breakdown of cartilage to maintain joint health and ease of movement. Cosequin Equine protects your horse's joints by reducing cartilage breakdown and stimulating it to produce compounds that keep it healthy.

Feeding Guidelines 

Loading dose - Feed recommended amount daily for 2-4 weeks, or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

Maintenance - After initial loading programme, reduce daily amount by 1 level scoop each week until the maintenance level is reached. This maintenance level can be used long term to support joint health.

Weight                  Loading                                 Maintenance 

<300kg               2 level scoops twice daily      1 level scoop per day

300 - 600kg       3 level scoops twice daily      1 - 2 level scoops per day

>600kg               4 level scoops twice daily       2 level scoops per day

What's in it 

Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulphate, Vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate,
Manganese (as Manganous Sulphate monohydrate).

Size Guide

Available in a 700 Gram tub.