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NT-Dry Heel And Frog Maintenance

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Dry powder for thrush treatment

Equus Imports NT dry powder for thrush treatment and prevention in horses hooves claims to attack active thrush within 4-7 days. It is a natural, non-caustic powder which will draw out the disease, promote healing and act as a preventative once the problem is under control. It can also be used to treat mud fever, rain scald and other moisture related problems.


equus bullet Dry treatment for unhealthy frogs, soles and heels

equus bullet Safe, natural formula which is dusted on

equus bullet A thin tipped squeezy bottle helps with application

equus bullet Coats and sticks to the area of infection

equus bullet Natural, non-toxic mineral salts attack the bacteria

equus bullet Proprietary blend of clays absorb moisture and draw thrush to the surface

equus bullet Herbal mixture soothes and encourages healing

equus bullet Feather-light powder for excellent application and control.

We Say

A completely different way of treating thrush which uses dry powder to act upon a 'wet' condition, we think this makes sense and we're hearing good things about it.

Suggested uses

Puff onto affected areas and into fissures of dry hooves to treat thrush and other moisture related problems.


Proprietary blend of clays, salts. diatomaceous earth and oregano.

Size Guide

Comes in 70g bottle.