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NAF Pro Feet Hoof Moist Cream

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Water based natural hoof moist

This NAF Pro Feet Hoot Moist Cream is an entirely natural product with a dual action, hoof moist helps improves hoof condition. The smooth gel can be easily applied with either a hoof brush, soft cloth or by hand. Oil and grease free, hoof moist has been especially formulated to sustain the moisture content of the hoof and allow natural fluctuation of moisture levels. The ingredients used to make hoof moist are of human cosmetic grade and the manufacturing process used in its production results in a smooth gel consistency to allow for even application. Hoof moist also contains tea tree, which gives it a natural antiseptic quality. Hoof moist is particularly useful throughout the dry summer months and also for the horse who has to spend prolonged periods on dry bedding, which can draw moisture out from the hoof.


equus bullet Natural product which helps keep hooves moist and improves condition

equus bullet Easy application

equus bullet Contains tea tree - a natural antiseptic

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Available in black or clear colours and 900g.