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NAF Off Citronella Wristband

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Strongly scented wristband for summer comfort

This NAF silicone wrist band can be worn whilst riding, around the yard and when you're out and about. Puncture any of the 5 holes on the top part of the wrist band for the desired level of fragrance.


equus bullet Citronella oil is contained in a special compartment

equus bullet Highly waterproof, durable and convenient to use

equus bullet Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

We Say

This excellent idea is clean, easy to use and allows the sweet, potent citronella fragrance to waft around, helping to keep you calm and comfortable.

Suggested uses

On the yard, everyday riding, turn out, in the stable or out and about.


Made from Cymene Ethylene Silicone and contains Citronella oil.

Size Guide

Available in one size.