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NAF Off Citronella Spray

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750ml Spray
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NAF Off Citronella Spray is a highly effective fly repellent for horses that contains potent citronella oil, a well known fly deterrent. This eco-friendly fly repellent is water based and ready to use, can be used daily, and conditions your horse's mane and tail too.


equus bullet Horse fly spray containing potent-smelling Citronella oil, a natural fly deterrent.

equus bullet Discourages unwanted flying pests.

equus bullet Water based and ready to use.

equus bullet Conditions manes and tails when applied.

We Say

Citronella has long been used as an active ingredient in fly sprays and treatments to deter flies from landing on your horse. Another effective method is the use of Zebra stripes. Read our blog about why a zebra rug is one of the best ways to protect your horse from flies.

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, hacking and turnout in the summer months.


Contains Citronella oil. Water based.

Care Instructions

Shake spray well before use to ensure all the active ingredients mix together. Spray generously over the coat avoiding all sensitive areas including the eyes.

Size Guide

Available in a 750ml spray bottle, or a 2.5 Litre Refill bottle.