NAF Off Citronella Spray

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Citronella based, long lasting, potent summer formula

This highly scented formulation from NAF can be used to good effect for daily application to horses' summer coats, manes and tails. Available in a handy spray, it is water based and ready to use. 


equus bullet Contains the potent smelling Citronella oil

equus bullet Water based

equus bullet Can discourage unwanted flying pests

equus bullet Apply it to manes and tails as a conditioner too.

We Say

This strong and long lasting preparation could help to discourage biting and flying insects for a comfortable and relaxed horse during the summer season.

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, hacking and turnout in the summer months.


Contains Citronella oil. Water based.

Care Instructions

Shake spray well before use to ensure all the active ingredients mix together. Spray generously over the coat avoiding all sensitive areas including the eyes. 

Size Guide

Available in a 750ml spray bottle and a 2.5 Litre Refill bottle.