NAF Love The Skin He's In Mud Gard Barrier Cream

Water repelling barrier for legs


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NAF Love The Skin He's In Mud Gard Barrier Cream is a wholesome, hydrophobic cream that contains the active ingredients of MSM, tea tree and rosemary. Apply to clean dry legs before turnout to provide protection to skin which comes into contact with wet, muddy conditions.


equus bullet Rich, nourishing barrier cream.

equus bullet Protects the skin which gets exposed to wet and mud.

equus bullet Contains MSM to support healthy skin and hair growth.

equus bullet With tea tree to cleanse and rosemary to soothe soreness.

We Say

A soft, gentle cream which is powerful in the prevention of mud fever and other water related skin conditions.

Suggested uses

For turnout or exercise on wet and muddy ground.


Active ingredients: Sulphur, MSM, Tea Tree, Rosemary.

Size Guide

Available in a 1.25kg tub.